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Lisa Abbatiello

CEO, Leo Burnett Business


Billie Smith

EVP Director of Talent Management

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Gunn Report Names Leo Burnett Fourth Most Awarded Network

The venerable Gunn Report rankings are out, and Leo Burnett Worldwide made appearances across seven categories including “Most Awarded Agency Networks in the World,” “All Gunns Blazing,” “Number of Offices Contributing to Creative Reputation” and “The Most Awarded Commercials in the World.”
The highlights include ranking second in number of agencies contributing to a network total, charting two films in the top ten commercials category and charting second in the All Gunns Blazing table.  Not bad.

Here’s the full breakdown:

The Most Awarded Agency Networks in the World

4. Leo Burnett Worldwide

All Gunns Blazing

2. Leo Burnett Worldwide

Number of Offices Contributing to Creative Reputation

2. Leo Burnett Worldwide

The Most Awarded Agencies in the World
7. Leo Burnett Sydney and Leo Burnett Melbourne

The Most Awarded Commercials in the World

7. WWF “Monkey” (Leo Burnett Sydney)
7. Allstate “Mayhem” (Leo Burnett Chicago)

7. Samsung “Optical Illusions” (Leo Burnett Tailor Made Sao Paulo)

21. Scope “See the Person” (Leo Burnett Melbourne)

Most Competitive and Future-Facing Agencies

15. Scope “See the Person” (Leo Burnett Melbourne)
17. Diageo “Water Mark” (Leo Burnett Sydney)

21. Canon “Photochains” (Leo Burnett Sydney)

26. McDonald’s “Wrapped” (Leo Burnett Jakarta)

30. Amnesty International “Tyrannybook” (Leo Burnett Lisbon)

Top Print Campaigns of 2011

14. Swiss Life “Turns in a Sentence” (Leo Burnett Zurich)
18. James Ready “Coupon Billboards” (Leo Burnett Toronto)
23. Greenpeace “Car Free Day” (Leo Burnett Hong Kong)

41. P&G Dreft “Colour” (Leo Burnett Warsaw)