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Leo Burnett Business
300 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10010
United States


Lisa Abbatiello

CEO, Leo Burnett Business


Billie Smith

EVP Director of Talent Management

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LB Brings Home 22 from LIA

Leo Burnett Worldwide won a total of 22 at the London International Awards, which announced winners today. The network earned three Gold, nine Silver and ten Bronze. Judging took place in Las Vegas back in September with a total of 15,418 entries from 76 countries.

Eleven offices contributed to the network total: Sydney, Milan, Detroit, Toronto, Bogota, Hong Kong, New York, Melbourne, Zurich, Lapiz and Chicago.

Here's the breakdown:


Diageo Bundaberg Red "Catfish" (Sydney) - Radio

Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" (Milan) - Branded Content

Troy Library "Book Burning Party" (Detroit) - Digital


Bundaberg Red "Catfish" (Sydney) - Radio

Bundaberg Red "Butterfly" (Sydney) - Radio

Smith Restaurant + Bar "Food for the Everyman" (Toronto) - Design

P&G Febreeze "Dog" (Bogota) - Radio

Staedtler "Church, Chair, Car" (Hong Kong) - Design

Mujeres Latinas en Accion "Husband" (Lapiz Chicago) - Radio

Troy Library "Book Burning Party" (Detroit) - Viral

Troy Library "Book Burning Party" (Detroit) - Social Media

Village Voice "New York Writes Itself" (New York) - Integrated


7-Eleven Slurpee "BYOCD" (Melbourne) - Integrated

Bundaberg Red "Catfish, Pig, Butterfly" (Sydney) - Radio

Bundaberg Red "Butterfly" (Sydney) - Radio

P&G Cheer "Dig it! Get it!" (Toronto) - Branded Content

Elections Ontario "We make voting easy" (Toronto) - Design

Raising the Roof "Dog, Outside, Help, Job" (Toronto) - Print

Emmentaler "Cheese Wheel" (Zurich) - Design

Swiss Life Campaign" (Zurich) - Press

Swiss Liife Campaign (Zurich) - Posters

Hallmark "Mother Bird" (Chicago) - Animation