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Leo Burnett Company, Limited
175 Bloor Street East, North Tower
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R9
+416 925 5997

Margaret Arnold

SVP, Director, Human Resources

EVP David Kennedy


Lisa Morch

VP, Director of Knowledge Mgmt

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Leo Burnett Worldwide Takes Home 15 Eurobest Awards

Last week at the 25th annual Eurobest Awards in Lisbon, Portugal, Leo Burnett Worldwide brought home 15 awards – three Gold, seven Silver and five Bronze. Five global offices, including Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan and Zurich, contributed to the overall performance.

The Eurobest Awards attracted more 2,000 delegates and a total of 5,000 pieces of work from across the continent in 2012. The show recognizes Europe’s top communications solutions and is judged by a panel of international industry experts.

Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2012 Eurobest Awards include:


Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Branded Content & Entertainment (Leo Burnett Milan)
Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Direct (Leo Burnett Milan)
Swiss Life "Life Turns in a Sentence" – Craft Print & Posters – Copywriting (Leo Burnett Zurich)


Stichting Lezen "Out of Office Poetry" – Branded Content & Entertainment (Leo Burnett Brussels)
Pantone "Pantone Queen" – Direct Dimensional Mailer (Leo Burnett London)
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares "72,000 flavors, Actual size, Buy 2, Get a Free Boat" – Print Campaign (Leo Burnett London)
Freeview "Football, Sprinting" – Radio Campaign (Leo Burnett London)
Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Direct – Best use of digital media (Leo Burnett Milan)
Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Promo & Activation (Leo Burnett Milan)
Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Best Use of Digital, Promo & Activation (Leo Burnett Milan)


Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – Digital Design (Leo Burnett Milan)
Stichting Lezen "Out of Office Poetry" – Direct (Leo Burnett Brussels)
Sea Life Deutschland Aquarium "Flying Sharks" – Media Ambient (Leo Burnett Frankfurt)
Montblanc "The Beauty of a Second" – PR (Leo Burnett Milan)
Woz Die Wochenzeitung "Tablet, Smartphone, Notebook" – Press Campaign (Leo Burnett Zurich)

December 6, 2012