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Leo Burnett Company, Limited, 175 Bloor Street East, North Tower, Ontario M4W 3R9

+416 925 5997

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SVP, Director, Human Resources

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Steve Chavez Named CCO of Detroit Office

Today, Detroit's very own Steve Chavez was named Chief Creative Officer of our Motor City branch. Steve joined Leo Burnett in 2010 and previously served as Global Executive Creative Director overseeing the agency's full GM portfolio.

Our editorial team sat down with Steve to learn about his favorite work, what advice he had for his 22-year-old self and, oh yeah, his short-lived stint in prime time.

Name: Steve Chavez

Title: Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Detroit

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Name one thing people rarely know about Detroit. It's one of the few cities where you can look down on Canada. But we would never do that.

In one word, how would you describe your creative talent? Restless.

The most interesting campaign to debut in 2012 was Channel 4's "Meet the Superhumans" was pretty damn good.

Most interesting industry trend to come in Fall of 2013: I think those Flashdance-style leg warmers are poised for a comeback.

The future of advertising looks like a big, challenging, exciting, yet to be invented something.

Number one thing to remember when presenting to a client: Try to skip over the parts nobody remembers.

Favorite campaign you've worked on: I'm very proud of our new Chevy Silverado work.

What advice would you give the 22-year-old Steve? Take the job with Mercedes Benz! No, strike that, take the job in advertising. It'll be more fun.

What you're most looking forward to in your new position: Helping to lead the reinvention of Leo Burnett Detroit.

Best thing you learned about Donald Trump while appearing on The Apprentice with GM: He talks with an authentic New Yawk accent when the cameras are off.