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Rupert Runewitsch

Head of Social + Mobile

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Chicago Ideas Week Lab - Farmhouse: Reinventing the Everyday Object

Chicago Ideas Week Farmhouse Lab: Reinventing the Everyday Object brought together a diverse group of innovators and big thinkers to collaborate and recreate everyday objects to serve a more useful purpose. Paul Earle, executive director of Farmhouse and his team led participants through the process of developing a product story, creating a strategy and producing a product as they were challenged to reinvent a hanger, alarm clock, umbrella, wallet, rolling pin and doormat. After an hour and a half of brainstorming, groups presented their final products and came up with "The Look Hook," a fashionable hanger made for the whole outfit, "Head Start," an alarm clock pillow with informational light display, "Un-brella," the umbrella built into a scarf, "The Joey," a wallet that zips into your pants, "Exactdough," the perfect rolling pin and "World Mat," a new type of door mat to experience the world. Be sure to check out photos on Facebook and learn more about Farmhouse by visiting