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A Client’s-Eye View: Buick’s Director of Marketing Talks Super Bowl

Molly Peck shares what a Super Bowl spot means from a client’s perspective.

Between launching its first convertible in 25 years and announcing it’s first Super Bowl spot (created by Leo Burnett Detroit), it’s been a busy but exciting 2016 for the Buick brand. No one knows this better than Molly Peck, Buick’s director of marketing.

We caught up with Peck last month in Napa Valley on the set of Buick’s “Wedding” spot, which launched during last night’s Super Bowl, to get the lowdown on all things Cascada.

Read on below for Peck’s perspective on what the new convertible, and its first Super Bowl spot, mean for the brand.


Tell us a little bit about the new Cascada and what it means for the Buick brand.
Cascada is Buick’s first convertible in 25 years and we hope it really ushers in a new wave of enthusiasm for our brand. People love convertibles. It’s exciting to drive one, and they simply make people happy. Buick is all about feeling good and happiness, so the Cascada is the perfect addition to the brand.

Why did Buick see this year’s Super Bowl as the prime opportunity to introduce not only the Cascada, but the new, declarative messaging as well?
We chose the Super Bowl because it’s a great stage to engage a whole new group of people to think differently about the Buick brand. We have been on campaign now for almost two years and started out by asking the simple question, “Is that a Buick?” which was done to be thought-provoking and get consumers to change what they thought they knew about the brand.

Our campaign so far has been all about shattering expectations and showing that Buick builds more than just sedans. So as we evolve the campaign and go forward, we’re more declarative (“That’s a Buick”). Now we’re telling consumers a little more about what they can expect to see from Buick, which is beautiful cars of quality and substance that always provide some kind of surprise and delight.

What three words best describe shooting a brand’s first Super Bowl commercial?
Excitement, anticipation and confidence.

What can we expect from the campaign moving forward?
It’s a really strong campaign, it’s well-liked by consumers and we know from our measurement that it’s working. What you’ll see is an evolution as we continue to tell our brand story and get people more familiar with the brand, but we don’t anticipate any big changes in the near future.