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SVP, Director, Human Resources

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VP, Director of Knowledge Mgmt

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A TV Producer’s Take on the Super Bowl and All Those Ads

Q&A with the award-winning producer behind CBS’ “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials”

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an award-winning producer developing shows for networks like CBS? For Robert Dalrymple, producer of this year’s “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials” program, it’s his reality.

We caught up with Dalrymple on the set of Buick’s first Super Bowl commercial to get his perspective on how a massive TV show like this comes together, and find out his favorite spot from the past 50 years.

In case you missed it, check out the extended sneak peek of Buick’s Super Bowl spot:

How much work went into preparing “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials”? How long do you prepare? How many people work on the program?
We’ve been preparing for this program for eight months, and really started planning directly after last year’s Super Bowl. Once we decided the show was going to be a top 50 countdown, there was an added layer of preparation and research involved. By the time we finished, nearly 150 people will have worked on the production.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve experienced during shoots like this?
For me, it’s all about inside perspective and getting to see the best talent in action. It’s the highest profile television event of the year, so there are all kinds of interesting stories to tell. There’s pressure. Tension. And drama. It’s exciting and great to see that all unfold. Adding to that pressure and excitement is that many people are tuning into the Super Bowl for the commercials more than the game.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial from the last 50 years?
The Budweiser Super Bowl spot “Lamb Streaker” has always been a favorite of mine.


Missed last night’s broadcast? You can watch the entire show, “Super Bowl Greatest Commercials,” on