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Leo Burnett Business
300 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10010
United States


Lisa Abbatiello

CEO, Leo Burnett Business


Billie Smith

EVP Director of Talent Management

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OOO By Shakespeare?

Ok, maybe not Shakespeare, but his 21st century Dutch and Flemish buddies have pre-written your out-of-office emails. Feeling jazzed about leaving the office? Defer the dude who dareth email you whilst your out on vacation to the next best contact. Feeling emo about leaving? Say you’re there in spirit. It’s time to brush up on your Iambic Pentameter and visit Gedichtendag 2012, your go-to source for stock OOO poetry.

Created by LB Brussels, “Out of Office Poetry” promotes the 2012 Dutch and Belgian Reading Foundation’s Poetry Day. Famous Dutch and Flemish poets such as Joke van Leeuwen, Stijn Vranken, Lies Van Gasse, Ester Naomi Perquin and Joe Roxy were recruited to add a little romance to the typically boring “I’m Gone” notification. So next time you’re out, copy and paste your favorite ryhme or ode from the foundation’s website, courtesy of Leo Burnett.