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Leo Burnett Company, Limited
175 Bloor Street East, North Tower
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R9
+416 925 5997

Susan Zwaal

Director, Human Resources

Ben Tarr


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Greater China

Day in the Life, GPC Edition: Carol Lam

Spend a day at the latest Global Product Committee with Greater China’s president and CCO.

On this special global edition of Day in the Life, we spend a day at the most recent Global Product Committee in Shanghai with Carol Lam, Leo Burnett Greater China president and chief creative officer.

The embodiment of Leo Burnett’s creativity without borders philosophy, the Global Product Committee (GPC) is a reoccurring, international gathering that brings together creative directors, managing directors, planners and account directors from offices around the world. Over the course of one week, the committee, led by Executive Chairmain and CCO Mark Tutssel, discusses, judges and debates more than 600 pieces of creative work from across Leo Burnett’s worldwide network and ranks them using the HumanKind scale.

Known for creating McDonald’s first Cannes-winning work from Leo Burnett Hong Kong, Lam returned to Leo Burnett last spring to lead the Greater China Office in her newly created dual role. Explore her busy day as GPC host on Instagram and learn more about her thoughts on creative thinking and what makes GPC so special as we catch up with her in the Q&A below.

Describe your approach to creativity.
Creativity is not a linear flow, it’s a seamless plan of gut and intelligence. To hit your target, you’ll have to make every bullet count and fire with precision.

In what ways do you stay creative outside of the office?
From ideas to execution, cooking is very similar to the creative process. I have the ingredients in front of me to create wonders, and when I’m preparing a big meal, I need to plan well. Also, cooking is not all about tastes, it’s about the joy, about pleasantly surprising myself.

What makes the GPC special?
The GPC is uniquely enjoyable because it’s not about winning and standards, but about celebrating the creativity, pushing the limits and figuring out how to make our work better.

Any closing thoughts from this GPC?
The GPC has brought us together, and this human network we share is full of creativity and interaction. We transformed from names in email threads to friends. It’s the start of great collaborations.