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1Q16: Juan Garcia Escudero Welcomes the GPC to Madrid

Leo Burnett Madrid’s executive creative director welcomes the 1Q16 GPC to Spain

This week, the first-quarter Global Product Committee, comprising the top creative leaders from Leo Burnett Worldwide, is meeting in Madrid to evaluate work from around the global network. Judges use the agency’s 10-point HumanKind Scale, and work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. (To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.)

Curious to see how Madrid prepared to host some of the sharpest creative minds from across the network, we caught up with the host, Juan Garcia Escudero, executive creative director of Leo Burnett Madrid. He shared his excitement, his goals for the New Year and a list of his creative “must-haves” to survive the week.

Follow @TheLBGPC this week on Twitter for live, real-time updates from the GPC room.


What were you most excited about when you were told Madrid would be hosting the GPC?
When you first experience the GPC, you soon understand the huge value it has. Not only for your company as a network, but for every individual attending. It truly is a deeply enriching experience. When you are told that you'll be hosting the next one, you feel very lucky to be able to provide such experience for others. That and just a tiny little bit scared to death, too.

How did your teams prepare for the conference? Are there any special events or cultural experiences you have planned for the GPC delegation?
We've prepared for the week with great care and I'm sure the attendees will enjoy themselves. The hotel we've chosen to host the event is in the heart of the fashion and modern culture district (Chueca/Malasaña), and we'll try to have everyone taste a bit of the incredible gastronomical capital that Madrid is known for. Barcelona is awesome, but we Madrileños love to leave visitors thinking: Maybe on my next trip to Spain I should consider Madrid instead.

Is there any particular work from the Madrid offices that you are most excited for the GPC to review?
Sure! This year we've been very lucky. We were commissioned to create the Spanish Christmas lottery campaign for the second year in a row. The result is a beautiful animated short film whose protagonist is Justino, a security night guard that stole the hearts of everyone who's watched his story. I can't wait to see not only the reaction of the board to the film but also to the whole social media aspect of the campaign.

As one of the region's top creative trailblazers, what are your goals for the New Year?
We have some amazing challenges in front of us. We've just started working for a new global game-changing client whose identity I cannot yet reveal. But the first project we'll do together looks like it's going to build a truly fantastic partnership. One of our goals is to create strong partnerships with our clients that produce world-class creativity, local, global – no matter the size.

What are your creative must-haves during the GPC?
I keep it pretty simple: Pen, paper, Snickers and tons of caffeine.