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Adventures in Lionsitting

Picture this: You’re fresh off the awards stage in Cannes with your shiny new Lion in hand when suddenly you become bombarded with lights, cameras, selfie requests and free-flowing rosé as far as the eye can see. Life is good, but you can’t help but fear that your most prized possession might become sullied during the celebration.

What’s a Cannes Lion winner to do when forced to choose between keeping his or her glittering achievement in prime condition or celebrating an incredible accomplishment with an equally incredible night of partying? That’s where the Lionsitters come in.

You may have heard of this mysterious group already, but if not, allow us to introduce you. We caught up with Aniko Toth and Adam Erdesz, Cannes Young Lions delegates in film from Leo Burnett Budapest, as well as their former colleague Mate Nagy, who’s now at VML New York. They’re the brains behind the ingenious idea to offer winners at this week’s Cannes Lions Festival the chance to celebrate properly and not have to worry about setting their Lions loose.

The campaign has been gaining traction on the ground in Cannes via social media and through the website, Get to know more about Aniko and Adam below, and be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Lionsitters.

Where did the inspiration for this idea come from?
We heard many urban legends about lost or broken Lions in the past. When Adam was a Young Lions delegate in design in 2012, he experienced first-hand that winning creatives go out celebrating with their Lions in hand. This insight inspired us to come up with a solution for this problem.

How many Lions have you babysat and who have some of your “clients” been?
So far we’ve had conversations with potential “clients” from Leo Burnett and Grey. To be honest, this project for us is more about meeting cool people in Cannes, but we are fully equipped to take care of the Lions, too.

What’s been your favorite part about Cannes so far?
What's not to like? We love the seminars, the speakers, the vibe of the festival and also that everyone loves our Lionsitters campaign. We were the sixth most engaged Twitter account in Cannes Lions topic. Not to mention that we also popped up on #LeGrandScreen (the largest digital screen in the middle of the festival that shares the festival’s latest happenings).

Any tips for other Cannes first-timers/Young Lions?
We know it's hard to attend all the seminars, workshops and master classes, but try to attend as many as you can to get the most out of the festival. Here you can refuel your creativity with enough inspiration to last for years. No excuses. Wake up early.

What are your best lion-taming tips?
Sorry, but this is top secret. :)