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Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

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Chief Marketing Officer

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#AWXI: Starting From the Customer—Innovative Design & User Experience

EVP, Managing Creative Director of Arc Jim Carlton joins Amazon on a panel discussing the evolution and future of shopper marketing.

Jim Carlton, Managing Creative Director of Arc joins our newest partners in eCommerce, at Advertising Week for a panel on innovative design and user experience. Before Jim hits the stage tomorrow, we took a second to capture his thoughts on how the right blend of emotion, insight and creativity can influence a transaction.

Insights Squared.
Most ‘activation’ work typically begins with price or claims. At Arc, we know there’s a level of emotion beyond just a claim. So, as we begin the creative process, our brief answers two questions: 1) what is the emotional trigger? 2) and what is the shopper trigger? 
We believe behind every act or transaction is an emotional ignition point, nothing happens without it. Using our Shopper Back philosophy and other proprietary tools, we specialize in finding and sparking those ignition points.

It’s all about the journey.
There are multiple points of entry and behavioral considerations that can inform new paths to purchase, so we’re constantly working with clients to innovate that process. Arc is the Intelligent Activation Agency, in part because of how smart and savvy our shoppers have become thanks to technology. Intelligence to us isn’t simply about being clever, it’s about creative reactions informed by insights, imagination and innovation. This moves people to act and makes good things happen for our clients and their brands. Our creative product is only as creative as the process by which it comes to life.

Breaking the rules, happily.
We like to think of the brief as our set of “rules,” and the more we know about the rules, the better equipped we are to break them or create better ones. The traditional borders of brand work vs. shopper work have blurred, and that space in the middle, well, that’s the space we (Arc) knows best. We create for the idea first. We meet shoppers where they are and design to meet their actual human needs, no matter what the channel.

Take a look at the Arc philosophy in action in some of their award-winning pieces this year.