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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Cannes Film Juror Francesco Bozza Discusses Favorite Films

Who better to judge Film than a film lover?

Leo Burnett Italy Executive Creative Director Francesco Bozza speaks on his favorite films of all time (advertising and otherwise) and the qualities that make them great, all in preparing for his spot on the Film jury at this year’s Cannes Lions.

What are the qualities that make film work successful? I'm looking for an idea that entertains us, touches us and moves us. Ideas that go beyond advertising and make a difference to the way people think about a brand.

What are your favorite films of all time?

  1. Honda, “The Other Side” – Wieden + Kennedy

    This is a great and simple idea. An outstanding visionary experience that redefines our industry. Personally, it has everything needed to win a Grand Prix. It's a perfect example that, thanks to technology, provides a new twist on an old TVC. I wanted to watch it over and over.

  2. “Guardians of the Galaxy” – The dance sequence

    This sequence speaks about the perception of unpredictability. The beginning is done in a typical sci-fi way but then it turns around unexpectedly. And this is exactly what I'm looking for in the room of the jury: to be surprised.

  3. BBC Music, “God Only Knows,” – Karmarama

    This work speaks for itself. I love how they have styled this film and infused in it a unique personality. This great piece of work, perfectly executed, reminds us of the power of music. God only knows how many times I'd like to watch it!

  4. Lurpak Spreadable, “Freestyle” – Wieden + Kennedy

    Wonderful creations happen when inspiration strikes and instinct takes over: this is a reality also for our creative industry. This film captures the beautiful, rhythmic chaos of freestyling in the kitchen. A journey of flavor and explosive taste sensation. I'm hungry. Go Freestyle!

  5. Tourism Authority of Thailand, “I Hate Thailand” – Leo Burnett Thailand

    Bold, fresh and an innovative way for a tourism authority to communicate. Full of authenticity, the work conveys the spirit of a fantastic country. A perfect demonstration that you don't need money when you have a powerful idea.