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Leo Burnett Chicago
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Chicago, IL 60601
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Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leo Burnett Melbourne Receives Grand Prix for Transformative SPC Adrmona Work

How the Power of a Hashtag Reinvigorated a Business

For the second year in a row, Leo Burnett Melbourne has been awarded the Grand Prix at the Communications Council's Australasian Promotional Marketing Association’s (APMA) Star Awards for its work for SPC Ardmona, Australia’s oldest fruit processor.

This year’s Grand Prix went to “#MyFamilyCan,” an integrated campaign that included a package redesign, TV, print and online ads, and a social media initiative, centered around connecting Australians with local farmers and their food.

“#MyFamilyCan” launched on the heels of the campaign “#SPCSunday,” which won the APMA Grand Prix in 2014 and is credited for turning the SPC business around. “#SPCSunday” was created to address a dire business threat: Cheap food imports were flooding the Australian market and, as a result, SPC’s business was failing.

Leo Burnett Melbourne was tasked with reintroducing SPC products into Australian homes, and successfully did this through the launch of a social media campaign that urged Australians to support local growers by eating SPC products on Sundays and sharing their stories using the hashtag. The social campaign increased fruit sales by 60 percent and 3,000 jobs were saved — as well as the iconic brand.

The competition of cheaper food imports still exists, but SPC’s business continues to stand up to it. The “#MyFamilyCan” campaign, which launched in April, continued to combat this threat to the business by stressing the importance of eating local foods and supporting local farmers. In addition to the Grand Prix, the campaign also won four Gold awards last night.

Leo Burnett Melbourne also took home two Golds for “Be Our Best Critic” and “Magic Mobile Drive-In” for Honda, making the agency the biggest winner of the show.