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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Kappie Kopp

VP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leo Burnett Ventures To Zoomland For Its First-Ever Virtual GPC

Three campaigns took home an 8 Ball, thirteen earned a score of 7, while forty-five scored a 6 on the refreshed HumanKind Scale.

An unmatched passion for creative excellence has always driven Leo Burnett Worldwide’s Global Product Committee (GPC) wherein the network’s leaders gather to review and assess the year’s creative works. This time, however, rather than a meeting of the minds in India or Illinois, the GPC convened digitally.

Zoomland Map

Twenty-two Burnetters – representing creative, strategy, design and production – broke through 14 time zones to venture into unprecedented corners of the creative world: Zoomland. The three-day event marked the agency’s first-ever virtual GPC, and at the end of Day 3, the judges awarded three prestigious 8 Balls, thirteen 7s and forty-five 6s.

This fall’s GPC was also special for another reason: it marked the global network’s first time measuring work against the recently refreshed 10-point HumanKind Scale. On the revamped scale, a score of 8 – dubbed an “8 Ball” – signifies work that is contagious. A piece of work that earns this prestigious score is defined as “an entertaining, participative, sticky idea that makes people share the brand globally.”

At the end of the week, judges awarded three campaigns this honor: Leo Burnett Chicago’s Kraft Heinz Country Time Lemonade “Littlest Bailout,” timely creative that celebrated little entrepreneurs everywhere; Leo Burnett Chicago’s CoorsLight “Clone Machine” that touched on the Zoom fatigue and offered relief from rigors of remote work ; and Leo Burnett Melbourne’s impactful BONDS “Out Now” campaign that took the commonplace fashion phrase, “out now,” and transformed it into an empowering message for LGBTQ+ youth.

And while these three secured a score of 8, there were 13 campagns across 10 global offices – Bangkok, Beirut, Chicago, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Toronto – that secured a score of 7. On the same refreshed HumanKind Scale, a 7 is labeled as inspiring – “a beautifully crafted, inspired, captivating, human-centered idea that matters to people.”

Additionally, forty-five campaigns were honored with a score of 6, which is defined as being “intelligent” or “an engaging thoughtful idea that rewards people for their time and attention.”

See the full list of 6+ and 7+ work below.

7.67 – APRO "Apartment" – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
7.43 – Fiat “The Legend” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
7.43 – Thai Health Promotion Foundation “Undrunken Master” - Leo Burnett Thailand
7.35 – Facebook Messenger “Pictures” – Leo Burnett Chicago
7.33 – Old Spice “The Most Epic Seafaring Legend Ever Told” – Leo Burnett Madrid
7.29 – McDonalds ”Nightworkers” – Leo Burnett London
7.29 – Thai Health Promotion Foundation “Undrunken Master” – Leo Burnett Thailand
7.11 – Robinhood “All Purpose Packaging” – Leo Burnett Toronto
7.06 – ABAAD, Lebanese gender equality NGO “LockDown not LockUp” – Leo Burnett Beirut
7 – Fiat “Wear” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
7 – Pampers “#HopeIsBorn” – Leo Burnett Beirut
7 – Serta “Coolest Kicks” – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.81 – Fretex “Fretex Steals Toys” – Leo Burnett Kitchen
6.74 – Eva Clinic “Untouchables” – Leo Burnett Mexico
6.72 – Foxtrot “Foxtrot Identity” – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.72 – International Tiger Project “The Empathy Experiment” – Leo Burnett Melbourne
6.68 – ABTO “Cartoons” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.61 – Bee'ah “Ocean” – Leo Burnett UAE
6.6 – Kraft Mayo “Sorry” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.58 – Beeline “Bee in touch” – Leo Burnett Moscow
6.57 – Wonderbone “Choose What They Chew” – Leo Burnett Toronto
6.56 – Old Spice “The Most Epic Seafaring Legend Ever Told”– Leo Burnett Madrid
6.53 – Wingstop “Wearable Billboards” – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.53 – Bank of America “Commencement” – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.5 – Bonds “Lullaby News” – Leo Burnett Melbourne
6.5 – Radio Formula / Fundacion Alzheimer “Dialnostic” – Leo Burnett Mexico
6.5 – Spotify “The Ad Song by Spotify” – Leo Burnett ndia
6.48 – Ruavieja “March 2020 - Patience”– Leo Burnett Madrid
6.47 – Old Spice “The Most Epic Seafaring Legend Ever Told (Chapters 1-5)” – Leo Burnett Madrid
6.44 – OAA Logo Design – Leo Burnett Toronto
6.42 – Old Spice “Tell your father you love him, without saying ‘I love you’” – Leo Burnett Madrid
6.4 – Mondelez “Oreo Cookie Take Over” – Publicis Groupe Jakarta
6.38 – Bumble “Skip The Small Talk” – Leo Burnett Melbourne
6.38 –Thai Health Promotion Foundation “How to” – Leo Burnett Thailand
6.35 – Exotica “The Unburnt Collection” – Leo Burnett Beirut
6.29 – Mondelez “Oreo Cookie Take Over” – Publicis Groupe Jakarta
6.28 – Thai Health Promotion Foundation “How to” – Leo Burnett Thailand
6.26 – World Animal Protection “Ugly Animals” – Leo Burnett Toronto
6.24 – CVV “Silence” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.23 – Thai Health Promotion Foundation “Replacing Alcohol Bottle” – Leo Burnett Thailand
6.21 – Kellogg's Frosted Flakes “Frosted Flakes Surprise” – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.21 – SKEYES Center for Media and Cultural Freedom "LilWatan (For the Nation)” – Leo Burnett Beirut
6.16 – Cathay Pacific Airways “Till We Fly Again” – Leo Burnett Hong Kong
6.16 – Pharmeasy “Cricket ka Tonic” – Leo Burnett India
6.13 – Krungsri First Choice “Camera” – Leo Burnett Thailand
6.12 – ABTO “Billboards” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.12 – Bradesco “Passos”– Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.1 – Krungsri First Choice “Camera” – Thailand
6.07 – Emirates Airline “EK2019” – Leo Burnett Dubai
6.06 – Chicago State University Identity – Leo Burnett Chicago
6.06 – Corinthians “#RIVALSGOCRAZY” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6.06 – Krungsri First Choice “Tent” – Leo Burnett Thailand
6.05 – Dom Click (Sberbank) “The Kommunalka” – Leo Burnett Moscow
6 – ABTO “Rebrand” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
6 – P&G Whisper “Whisper Mobileshaala” – Leo Burnett India
6 – McDonald's McCafe “Strong But Sweet” – Leo Burnett UAE
6 – Samsung “Janelas” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made