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Martel et Compagnie
465 rue McGill, 8e Etage
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H1
+514 525 4290

Jean-Pierre Martel

President & Chief Creative Officer


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#LeoatClios: Four Claims to the Clio Hall of Fame

Global Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel revisits our work that has redefined the business of creativity.

Editor's Note: With the induction of four network pieces into the Clio Hall of Fame, we've asked Global Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel to highlight the work. Take a look at his commentary below.


The Clio Hall of Fame is a celebration of "the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes." It's a celebration of ideas that have redefined the business of creativity. Leo Burnett has been recognized this year by the Clio Hall of Fame for four outstanding pieces of work:

Mercedes-Benz "Skidmarks"
Leo Burnett London

Mercedes-Benz "Skidmarks" is one of the most awarded car advertisements of all time, crowned with the Cannes Grand Prix, the Grand Clio and a highly prestigious D&AD pencil. It changed the game in our industry. It consisted of just an image and a logo, leaving the tagline obsolete. It credited people with intelligence and invited the reader to interact with the advertisement. After a moment of decoding, the reader was rewarded.

With that, visual storytelling in advertising was born: the age of the image. What became known as the 'visual solution' was enthusiastically adopted around the world.

McDonald's "Sundial"
Leo Burnett Chicago

Outdoor advertising has to work in seconds. It has to grab people by the eyeballs and reward them with exciting content. "Visual drama" is vital to its success.

McDonald's created a game changer with "Sundial." It evolved outdoor advertising from billboards, to "Theatre of the Streets."

The brief for the agency was simple. 'Create enjoyment. Get on TV.' This breakthrough and highly innovative special build poster did exactly that. It captured the imagination of the public and was talked about in exacting scientific detail on every television station in Chicago and beyond.

It was loved and admired by the industry and won every major award, including the Grand Clio in Outdoor.

Heinz "Talking Labels"
Leo Burnett Chicago

For the first time in history, Heinz Ketchup expressed itself with unusual and humorous "Talking Labels" on their iconic red bottles, transforming the brand's famous keystone label into personalized billboards, that "speak" to ketchup lovers.

This was a world first in packaging design and was a breakthrough: "Advertising on Packaging."

The wry messages, wit, humour, distinctive personality and attitude made the design packaging stand out, creating remarkable engagement in supermarkets. The bottles were highly coveted and wove Heinz Ketchup into popular culture.

The range of packaging won every major award, including the prestigious D&AD Yellow Pencil for outstanding packaging design.

World Wildlife Foundation "Earth Hour"
Leo Burnett Sydney

In just a few years, Earth Hour went from being an idea that motivated 2.2 million people in Sydney, Australia, to turn off their lights for an hour to show concerns for climate change, to a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, it grew to be the largest mass participation event in human history.

This HumanKind act drove people to band together, knowing that their action could inspire real change. Transforming the light switch into a vote. A vote for the planet.

Some of the most famously lit places on earth went dark, including the Chrysler Building in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Welcome sign on the Las Vegas Strip, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The Pyramids, the Effiel Tower, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, and thousands of other world icons and heritage sites.

This future-facing, imaginative live outdoor idea changed the focus from creating awareness, to creating action.

It is one of the most awarded campaigns in the history of advertising communication, winning everything including a coveted Cannes Titanium Lion.

To have four ideas inducted into the Clio "Hall of Fame" is a remarkable achievement and a testimony to the extraordinary talent we have residing in the the Leo Burnett global company. Iconic work for iconic brands. I am extremely proud.