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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leo Burnett London Predictions: 2017

Read a collection of trends and predictions from the U.K.’s in-house experts and partners

Brexit, Honey G, Trump, Bowie ... 2016 was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, wasn’t it? To be honest, we were reticent to think about any sort of 2017 predictions at all, given that most of our forecasting and media monitoring in recent times has involved simply covering our ears with our hands and screaming, or just manically muttering “ohgodohgodohgod” while we make another military-strength coffee.

But we rallied, as is our nature. The perennial mantra of WWLD (What Would Leo Do?), as championed relentlessly by Paul “Hand-on-the- tiller” Lawson, gave us fresh pep and renewed vigor. Sure, 2016 was a bit of a car crash in many respects, but there were some positives to draw. There was ... um ... well, there was Boaty McBoatface, and the baffling sight of Ed Balls dancing, and ... OK, that was pretty much it. But we’re strapping ourselves in for a belter 2017, and we’ve roped in all sorts of clever minds to outline just how thrilling a year it’s set to be. Let’s face it, it couldn’t be any worse. The only way is up, bay-beee...

Daniel Bevis
Senior Knowledge Editor, Leo Burnett London


The Leo Burnett London Predictions: 2017 report looks at this year’s trends with our partners in four categories:
• Consumer behavior with Canvas8
• Sports sponsorship with our in-house sponsorship team
• Retail technology with Arc London
• Shifts in policies, technology and consumer behavior across Europe with Mintel

Click here to read the full report.