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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Who Wins With Facebook Instant Articles

Yesterday, Facebook announced the arrival of Instant Articles. The new feature allows for publishers to create platform-specific content that would be enhanced under a new model.

Here's what you need to know.

Why Facebook Wins: For Facebook, the reasons for this innovation are obvious and the benefits are clear. Maintaining use within their platform even through their (now brilliant) mobile experience is commercially super smart. For a generation who considers Facebook to be ‘the internet,’ it is further validation of their dominance and ability to capture the minds of millions all at once. Who needs to ever go anywhere else?

Why Publishers Win: For the publisher, there is also a win but perhaps with a caveat. Let's call it a win because their content is simply seen quickly, and by many, in a place with an arguably more relevant timely newsfeed than their own. So, if they want readers and people to consume their brand then they’re ticking boxes.

The Catch…Maybe: Of course, these publishers are losing a small semblance of control. The ramifications of this are not yet clear, and it is perhaps us more cynical souls who immediately view this as a problem waiting to happen. Publishers as weighty as The New York Times or National Geographic for example, who embrace that their content is being consumed most often on an alternative platform, does call into question future publishing strategy.

What's In It For Us: As the audience, we win because the experience is just so perfect and pleasing.

Last Thought: It feels like there is a game changing play which has been made, quietly bubbling underneath, that might have huge ramifications for the whole publishing industry.

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