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Martel et Compagnie
465 rue McGill, 8e Etage
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H1
+514 525 4290

Jean-Pierre Martel

President & Chief Creative Officer


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8 Ball Roundup: 4Q16

A collection of the best work from the GPC

The most recent GPC took place in London at the end of 2016. In honor of the latest session, here is a roundup of some of the best work, those awarded an 8 Ball, from offices around the globe.

Leo Burnett Asia

Bajaj Auto Ltd. “The Nation’s Bike,” GPC Rating: 8.06
In collaboration with Leo Burnett India, Bajaj Auto has announced the launch of Bajaj V, a motorcycle made from the recycled metal of the INS Vikrant, India’s first aircraft carrier. It was instrumental in India’s win in the India-Pakistan war of 1971 and is considered by many Indian citizens a symbol of courage and pride. The campaign is the brand’s largest rollout of the decade in the two-wheeler category.

Jr. East “Delicious Supplement,” GPC Rating: 8.0
Leo Burnett Tokyo’s “Delicious Supplement” for Tokyo Railway Co. combines accessibility, nutrition and personalization to offer a solution to the unhealthy lifestyle that many hardworking professionals unsuccessfully try to combat with nutritional supplements. “Delicious Supplement” is a new food service that functions as a personalized lunch capsule with more than 2.2 million meal combination options.

Leo Burnett Australia

Samsung “brainBand,” GPC Rating: 8.18
As part of Samsung’s “Launching People, Mixed Talents” global program, Leo Burnett Sydney helped create brainBrand, an initiative designed to utilize technology and facilitate research in the ongoing fight against concussion in sports. BrainBAND is a headband that utilizes sensors at the back of the head to measure the force of an impact. This information is then relayed via an app to medics, referees and coaches in real time through the use of Samsung devices to allow officials to determine if a player should exit the game following a blow to the head. Claiming six Cannes Lions award, the ad is part of an eight-video series that gives an inside look at how brainBand works and the process behind its creation.

Leo Burnett Central & South America

Davivienda “Concepcion,” GPC Rating: 8.29
Concepcion, the oldest city in Colombia, was stuck in the past until Leo Burnett Bogota worked with Davivienda Bank to make it the first town in the world to stop using physical currency by relying solely on mobile payments. The charming case-study film follows the introduction of DaviPlata, a mobile-payment service that enables people to live their lives without having to walk down the street with pockets full of cash to conduct transactions.

4Pelagatos “MashiMachine,” GPC Rating - 8.0
Because Ecuador has strict media laws on censorship and free speech, Ecuadorians primarily get their news from a 4- to 5-hour weekly broadcast hosted by President Rafael Correa, making him the only voice of information and news. To combat President Correa’s strict ideology, Leo Burnett Mexico in partnership with 4pelagatos created MashiMachine, a platform in which people can type a phrase and it will use those keywords to produce a mashup of existing Correa video clips. Since its April 30 launch, MashiMachine has gone viral. More than 137,000 videos have been created and #mashimachine was Twitter’s No. 1 trending topic before the Ecuadorian government took the hashtag down.

Banco Hipotecario “Granted,” GPC Rating: 8.0
Leo Burnett Argentina delivers a humorous campaign for Banco Hipotecario that features a wish-granting owl that is overly generous. These ads have deep roots in Argentinian humor and writing, and bring a typically dull industry to life in a fresh way that is fun and easy to understand.

Car vs. Jeep - Image
Jeep “Car vs. Jeep,” GPC Rating: 8.0
This simple, fresh print campaign from Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Sao Paulo, Brazil, differs from typical Jeep work by not including the actual product. It takes a lot of guts to depart from traditional automotive work, but the payoff is huge with this stunningly fresh, and iconic, campaign.

Leo Burnett Europe

Spanish Lottery “December 21st,” GPC Rating: 8.12
Leo Burnett Madrid created an ad campaign for the Spanish Lottery to remind us that winning isn’t everything. When Carmina, a retired schoolteacher in a small seaside town, mistakenly believes she has won the lottery, her family and the town rally together to make the most out of her confusion because of their love for her. Champagne is toasted, church bells are rung, a staged news interview is held and a huge impromptu party is held at a lighthouse. Right as Carmina’s son is about to break the bad news that she didn’t actually win, she offers him the “winning” ticket, keeping to the lottery’s theme, “There’s no bigger prize than sharing.”

Leo Burnett Middle East

Beirut - Kafa “Legally Bride,” GPC Rating: 8.18
More than 13 percent of Lebanese girls are married before they are 18. To raise awareness, garner public action and change the fate of young girls in Lebanon, Leo Burnett Beirut created “Legally Bride” for Lebanese NGO Kafa. The campaign centers around two actors posing as an elderly man and a very young girl, no older than 10 years old, posing for their wedding photos in a public place as spectators react in various ways. The ad resulted in the United Nations adopting the work to be its own anti-child marriage “#Idont” campaign. Additionally, Leo Burnett Beirut won its third Glass Lion, which symbolizes glass ceilings and other barriers to be broken.

Du “du Tuesday,” GPC Rating: 8.06
Leo Burnett Dubai and Du Telecommunications have created yet another funny and charming campaign to promote its special Tuesday deal — two movie tickets for the price of one for all mobile customers. The ad, which features two women eagerly discussing a complicated film, shows that that some movies are not meant to be watched alone.

Leo Burnett North America

Art Institute of Chicago “Van Gogh Air BnB,” GPC Rating: 8.59
Leo Burnett Chicago’s “Van Gogh Air Bnb” was one of the most awarded campaigns in 2016, picking up plenty of trophies including 14 Cannes Lions awards. The campaign, which helped support the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibit “Van Gogh’s Bedroom,” gave people the chance to spend a night in a replica of one of those bedrooms through the partnership of Air BnB.

P&G Always “Girl Emojis,” GPC Rating: 8.35
Girls send 67 billion emojis daily, so it’s disappointing that 67 percent of girls think that the way women are portrayed in emojis is limiting and often stereotypical. The work, by Leo Burnett Chicago, continued the #LikeAGirl hashtag, which was created for the brand to help girls stay confident at a time when confidence usually plummets, puberty. The ad gave girls the chance to reimagine emojis as strong, confident women in roles otherwise associated with men.

Donate Life America “Names,” GPC Rating: 8.0
Leo Burnett Chicago and Donate Life America are urging Americans to save lives in the simplest of ways: by signing up as organ donors. “Your Name Saves” is an integrated campaign that works to personalize the abstract concept of organ and tissue donation. The campaign invites people to visit, where they can type in their full name and watch as multiple names emerge out of their individual name — one person can save up to eight lives through organ donation, restore sight to two people through cornea donation, and heal up to 75 people through tissue donation.

About the GPC Scale: Every quarter, the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee, comprising our top creative leaders from around the globe, gathers to evaluate the work from the global network. Over the course of a week, the GPC views, discusses and rates the work using our 10-point HumanKind Scale. Work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.