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Amazon Throws Best Super Bowl Party Ever

Star-studded spot features Alec Baldwin, Jason Schwartzman, Dan Marino and Missy Elliott and her new song

Immediately following the Super Bowl halftime show last night, another star-studded performance graced the screens of more than 110 million people—Amazon’s first Super Bowl commercial.

Created by the intrepid team at Leo Burnett Toronto, “Baldwin Bowl” hit the post-halftime ad segment featuring some familiar faces: celebrities Alec Baldwin, Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman, as well as football legend Dan Marino, who all reaped the party-planning benefits of Amazon’s in-home personal assistant, the Amazon Echo.

Three pregame spots—“Brainstorm,” “Cheese Footballs,” and “Snack Stadium”—primed viewers for Alec Baldwin’s Super Bowl extravaganza, #BaldwinBowl. Revealing more than the snack stadium that the Amazon Echo’s “Alexa” helped build, “Baldwin Bowl” culminated with Missy Elliott asking Alexa to exclusively release her newest song, “Pep Rally,” via Amazon Prime Music, showing there’s nothing the Amazon Echo can’t do.

And if you stuck around just after the game, #AskAlexa continued with Baldwin and Schwartzman’s post-game, hangover quarterback session in “Re-order.” (The stars had some fun filming the ads.)

The magic of the Amazon Echo continues at, but from the food faux pas of breaded wings to the architectural nuances of building snack stadiums, and scriptwriting for an unlikely cast of characters, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Leo Burnett Toronto Judy John took a moment to reflect on the creative opportunity to position a rookie client at the big game.


What were you most excited about when you won the assignment for Amazon?
Three words that would get any creative excited are “Amazon” and “Super Bowl” together in a sentence.

And when you learned you’d be creating a campaign around the Super Bowl, what immediately came to mind?
I thought: This is Amazon’s first Super Bowl spot, it better be good. Expectations are going to be really high.

How does the creative strategy help Amazon introduce the Echo and Prime Music to a mainstream audience?
Amazon is all about creating everyday magic for their customers, and the Echo is a great tech product that brings that to life in surprising ways. Being on the Super Bowl allows Amazon to reach a huge audience, over 110 million, in one moment.

Why were celebrities such a major factor in the storytelling? Why Alec, Jason, Dan and Missy, specifically?
The idea behind “Baldwin Bowl,” which we called Star-Fueled Demo internally, was about how the magic of the Echo could help make people’s lives better. The best demonstration of this would be to show the Echo making the life of someone we already think has it all, better, like a celebrity.

We picked Alec because he’s a hilarious actor and were inspired by his “30 Rock” character, where he had a personal assistant around doing everything. Dan Marino because he’s one of the biggest football icons (this is for the Super Bowl, after all) and we thought he’d be someone Alec would hang out with. Jason Schwartzman was the perfect little brother character who looks up to Alec. He brings a nice quirkiness to our cast. We wanted to feature the music capabilities of the Echo, and after having a great year, starting with her performance at last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, Missy was an obvious choice. And with Missy launching new music, we thought it would be an innovative way to talk about Prime Music, launching her new song on our Amazon commercial.

How will the campaign continue to evolve creatively?
We’ve already shot the next spots in the campaign and they’re a lot fun. They feature new capabilities for the Echo and continue to show how the technology makes lives better, even celebrities’ lives.

Final question: there are a lot of one-liners in this campaign. Which one’s your favorite?
My favorite is when Dan Marino says, “You’re blowing it bro,” to Alec.