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Leo Burnett Detroit
3310 West Big Beaver Rd., Suite 107
Detroit, (Troy), Michigan 48084
United States

+248 458 8300

Monica Lambert

HR Recruiting Manager

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"Enjoy Your Privacy" with Norton

Our phones are the windows into our lives.

There is nothing our mobile devices don’t know about us. We let them listen to our conversations and count on them to harbor our most personal data. From our private banking information to emails, photographs and text messages — it all lives on our phones and we often take that for granted.

But did you know that two-thirds of smartphone owners don’t have any form of network protection? How many times a day do you hop on free, public Wifi? Unprotected Internet gives hackers easy access to all personal data, passwords and emails stored on your phone. Pretty scary, right?

Leo Burnett Chicago and Norton created the first-ever integrated, multi-screen user experience, “Enjoy Your Privacy” as a reminder that no device is safe from digital dangers without the right protection.

By logging on on your phone and computer, the campaign gives consumers permission to do the unthinkable – hack into the phones of seven fictional characters and gain access to their text messages, photos, emails and bank statements. Suddenly, seemingly normal lives become complex and users discover detailed back-stories that slowly weave together to form a greater plot.

Norton believes there's still a place for privacy in the world and it's worth protecting with Norton Mobile Security. Learn more at

October 16, 2013
By Claire Carstens