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Martel et Compagnie
465 rue McGill, 8e Etage
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H1
+514 525 4290

Jean-Pierre Martel

President & Chief Creative Officer


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Five Things That Influence Our Creative Delegates from 1Q16 GPC

Three of our 1Q16 GPC participants share what inspires them to come up with those 7-plus ideas

Christopher Jones, Jesus Lada (who admitted that finding only 5 things was kind of complicated) and Carlos Murad discuss their sources of inspiration.


Christopher Jones – Creative Director, Leo Burnett Milan: It is absolutely important to always be up to date with what it is happening around the world. Whether a new technology was invented, or a particular story that grabs your attention, how the economics of major countries are going. If you want to create impactful stories, you need to keep your eyes open. Always.

Big events on your private life. I recently had a baby with my beautiful Austrian wife, and since then I became the master of baby topics. My brain was absolutely full of baby information. Therefore, whatever briefing was coming on my desk I started to have ideas that linked to a baby’s world. That's when I created Samsung Smart Playboard. Inspired by my son.

Weather conditions. Weather can definitely affect your mood. So if you want to have a great idea, you can probably make it happen during a sunny day. If there is a horrible weather, then probably best is to put on some good happy music.

A walk in nature. I find it incredibly important, especially over weekends, to leave the city and go to the middle of nowhere. No mobile phones, no connections, nothing. Only you and your thoughts. Your brain is constantly looking at things and it needs time and a quiet location to put all the information together. If you do this, by the time you get a new brief on Monday morning you’ll be on fire. Lots of brilliant ideas in a short amount of time.

Bar of chocolate. I always make sure to have some chocolate in the office. We often work with so much passion that we forget to take breaks, sometimes we even forget to have lunch. Having some chocolate in the drawer keeps good vibes also among the team working with you.

Jesus Lada – Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Madrid:

Music, TV shows and YouTube.

Books and comic books.

Having a beer with the team, just chatting. In that way most of our best ideas were born. Then you develop them at the office, but that bar/beer moment, helps a lot to get kick off things.

Relaxing. I love to go on the countryside for a couple of days, no meetings, no account people asking for things, no teams trying to get approvals. Breathing is normally the best way to get to places you couldn’t go before.

Playing with my 2-year-old son. It is amazing how we create our own paths of connecting, then you play with a little kid, and he makes you walks paths you didn’t know you have in your head. It changes your whole creative process and that is so so cool.

Carlos Murad – Creative Director, Leo Burnett Chicago:

People watching. Creativity is about human behavior.

Travel and travel. Thinking outside the box is better when you make the box bigger.

Old cartoons. They are simple and fun. Sometimes we complicate too much. Have you heard about Tex Avery?

Kickstarter. There are lots of good and bad ideas. Sometimes the bad ones are more interesting.

Having a multicultural team. You learn something new every day.