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Leo Burnett Chicago
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Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Honda “Dream Run”

INSIGHT. Cars have the power to transport us to unfamiliar lands — that is, if you choose the right car. To promote the Honda HR-V, the company’s first Australian SUV in over a decade, Honda and Leo Burnett Melbourne used their creativity to create an unforgettable story rooted in Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” idea.

Fifteen of 15 - Dream Run - 1

IDEA. In the television spot “Dream Run,” Brian, the spot’s protagonist, drives his Honda HR-V through a land reminiscent of sci-fi films and surrealistic paintings. Backed by the Eurythmics’ catchy “Sweet Dreams,” the spot moves at a fast pace as Brian speeds and swerves on the roads. With his canine copilot, Brian tries to avoid the forces trying to wake him up from his fantasy ride.

Fifteen of 15 - Dream Run - 2

IMPACT. “Dream Run” was picked up by dozens of top publications, ad trades and creative archives, and it was featured as The Drum’s Ad of the Day. The agency’s work was referred to as a “breath of fresh air in a category crammed with clichés.” The ad won awards at several major shows such as the Clios and the Spikes Asia Awards. The spot is celebrated as one of the most creative illustrations of Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” campaign.