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Leo Burnett Company, Limited
175 Bloor Street East, North Tower
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R9
+416 925 5997

Margaret Arnold

SVP, Director, Human Resources

EVP David Kennedy


Lisa Morch

VP, Director of Knowledge Mgmt

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Leo Burnett London Helps Freeview Launch Its Biggest Campaign

Freeview, the UK’s free-to-air digital TV platform, launched its largest advertising campaign to promote its new connected TV service, Freeview Play.

The campaign’s debut ad, “Set Yourself Free,” created by Leo Burnett London, is a two-minute film that takes place in an Orwellian world with an army of televisions that brainwash people to “conform,” “upgrade” and “subscribe.” It features a Freeview TV escaping this dystopian world and eventually finding a girl and her dog searching for a better way to watch TV.

“Set Yourself Free” features a new version of the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables” recorded specially for the campaign and sung by Sarah Kingsmill.

“‘Set Yourself Free’ is really an emancipation story,” said Owen Jenkinson, Freeview head of marketing. “The aim of the advert is to challenge category norms and show that there is a better, savvier way to watch free TV in a visually striking and compelling narrative.”

In addition to the film, the campaign will include 40- and 60-second versions and product ads to explain the benefits and features of Freeview Play.

Freeview Play combines recorded TV with on-demand services and live television free from subscription and available on all broadband services.