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Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Meet ‘The Intern of Bloor Street’

Toronto’s ‘Andrew Kochmanski’ shares the real truth about his Leo Burnett internship

Meet Andrew Kochmanski, 24, recent grad, enthused by everything and Leo Burnett Toronto’s newest “creative-in-process.” In other words, he’s an intern at Bloor Street.

Leo Burnett Toronto, Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year, premiered “The Intern of Bloor Street” last week. Within days, the film caught the attention of industry minds — both jaded and non-jaded — across the globe, as it served as a light-hearted, nostalgic reminder of the “womps,” “whoas” and “woos” of being an intern in the greatest business ever.

Between drooling over free food and “marking things up,” we were able to catch up with “Andrew” for a quick Q+A.


Who decided you should be the star of “The Intern of Bloor Street”? Did you audition for the role? I had to audition. The competition was steep. Such a competitive group of people in advertising. I actually had to read some lines and then have a leg wrestle to get the part.

Besides starring as the intern, did you take on any additional roles or responsibilities? I had to run to the grocery store to purchase the slab cake. They let me have a piece for lunch.

As an intern, which scenes and insights resonated the most with you? The long days and nights. Sometimes I feel like I might as well sleep at Leo. Sometimes I do. There is a shower on the 12th floor, which I had to use once. I do not recommend that. But mostly, what resonated was the passion, the desire and the quest to come up with that one, big, beautiful idea.

For those who aren’t familiar with Canadian cuisine —what’s Swiss Chalet? It’s a chicken place. One small step above fast food. The chicken comes with this gravy-like sauce that people love. I have seen people drink that sauce.

Besides the freedom and, of course, the free food, what else do you love about being a Leo Burnett intern? The booze. No just kidding, it’s the people. Whether you’re a lowly Intern like me, or and Account Supervisor or Sir Judy John, we’re all up to our asses in chicken gravy at 2 a.m. We’re all in it together. One team, one dream.


One team, one dream is right, Andrew Kochmanski. Now back to work!