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Martel et Compagnie
465 rue McGill, 8e Etage
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2H1
+514 525 4290

Jean-Pierre Martel

President & Chief Creative Officer


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Chicago & Toronto

‘Music Versus Gun Violence,’ ‘Shot in Chicago’ Take Aim at Chicago’s Rising Violence

A look at the top-rated 1Q16 GPC work from North America

We continue our GPC recap with the top work from our Chicago and Toronto offices.


LAPIZ & Mexico Tourism Board’s “Doppelganger Tourists,” GPC Rating: 8.2

To show workaholics what they miss out on when they overlook their vacation days in favor of working, LAPIZ and Mexico launched “Doppelganger Tourists,” sending the lookalikes of two unsuspecting workaholics on the trip of a lifetime and catching it all on film. Because the only thing worse than not going on vacation, is seeing yourself on vacation.

Brooks’ “The Rundead,” GPC Rating: 8.0

The brand’s first TV commercial takes an unexpected approach to answer the question of why we run. The spot opens as one might expect: we first see a man fleeing zombies in a barren, post-apocalyptic town before he hides out in a shoe store. There, as the “undead” encounter Brooks running shoes, things begin to change in a big way. Stumbles become precise movements, bloodshot eyes become clear, and the transformative power of running becomes evident.

Chicago Ideas “Music Versus Gun Violence,” GPC Rating: 7.5

Gun violence in Chicago is at an epidemic level, with the city enduring a record-breaking number of shootings over the past year. In attempt to battle this troubling trend, Chicago Ideas and the agency created the “Music Vs. Gun Violence” campaign. At the core of the campaign is “Put the Guns Down,” an interactive music video experience allowing users to submit their own verses to the song online, featuring top artists including Common, Lil Herb and King Louie.

Allstate “Mayhem DIY,” GPC Rating: 7.5

Allstate and Leo Burnett Chicago took a new approach in “Mayhem DIY” by putting out a call for real-life DIY disaster stories and allowing the public to vote for their favorite. The winning disaster resulted in a new 30-second commercial.

Off The Street Club “Shot in Chicago,” GPC Rating: 7.1

In another effort to combat Chicago’s rising violence and shine a light on the inequality that exists within the city, Leo Burnett Chicago created “Shot in Chicago” for non-profit Off The Street Club, which provides a safe space for Chicago’s inner-city kids to play and find hope. The spot depicts just how different it can be growing up in Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods.


Leo Burnett Toronto “The Intern of Bloor Street,” GPC Rating: 7.0

Leo Burnett Toronto’s tongue-in-cheek video created for Strategy Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards recreates the excitement one feels as an intern working in the ad industry, “free” food included.

Somerset Graphics Co. “Printed By Somerset,” GPC Rating: 7.0

Toronto printing shop Somerset wanted a new website to communicate the fine printing work they do. But how do you replicate the feeling of touching paper digitally? By printing the website of course! Leo Burnett Toronto used the specialty skills that Somerset prides itself on to create a uniqe printed website, with a scratchoff address bar, an animated .gif and a “zoomable” map.

Smith Menu Photo

Smith Restaurant and Bar “Smith Menu,” GPC Rating: 7.0

Toronto’s Smith restaurant offers an ever-changing menu on an eclectic collection of dishware collected around the world. To celebrate its unique approach to dining, Leo Burnett Toronto created a menu series that fits the bill.

About the GPC Scale: Every quarter, the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee, comprising our top creative leaders from around the globe, gathers to evaluate the work from the global network. Over the course of a week, the GPC views, discusses and rates the work using our 10-point HumanKind Scale. Work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.