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Leo Burnett Chicago
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Kappie Kopp

VP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Q1 GPC Q+A: Digital Creative Director Inaki Marti

The Global Products Committee delegate discusses effective digital creativity

We caught up with Digital Creative Director Iñaki Martí from Leo Burnett Madrid, the agency hosting this year’s GPC. A first-time committee delegate, he discusses insights from current digital trends and his takeaways from this year’s GPC.


As a GPC “newbie” we’re excited to pick your brain! How did you land in this digital creative role?
That's easy. I met with Juan Garcia Escudero (Leo Burnett Madrid’s executive creative director) and I liked him and his plan for the agency. We thought alike in many important topics, regarding digital and the integration of digital creatives in the core of the creative team.

How can insights from digital and big data be used to enhance creativity?
I feel we are barely tapping on what that discipline can offer. Especially as far as finding new insights, or more accurate insights.

How do you personally adjust and keep up with the rapid pace of the digital world?
Hard work. Curiosity. Nothing new in this recipe. There is no magic. Just wanting to know more.

Are there any digital pieces that really stood out to you this quarter?
"Love Has No Labels" is the latest work I truly envy. Ever since video took over digital, it's harder to single out truly native digital work.

The World Mobile Congress is taking place now in Barcelona. What should clients be thinking about then it comes to mobile?
Mobile won't be on a typical smartphone much longer.

What key takeaways and learnings from the GPC will you share with your team?
Make clients understand the importance of having a good platform to communicate their messages on for an extended period of time. Even if these are several. Like McDonald’s—one for branding, one for promos and even one for their social responsibility campaigns.