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Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

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‘Reword’ Prevents Cyber-bullying, ‘100,’ ‘Slurpee Sound Cup’ Boosts Aussie Moods

Leo Burnett Melbourne creates 7+ GPC ads for Bonds, 7-Eleven

“Reword,” GPC Rating: 8.2

“Once an insult is read, the damage is done,” reports Headspace, Australia’s largest mental health youth organization. With the rapid rise of online bullying among Australian youth, an online tool was created to change the way children and teens communicate online — giving each person a chance to “reword” any hurtful words and phrases.

Leo Burnett Melbourne and Headspace partnered to launch “Reword,” an online tool that aims to prevent abusive behavior online by identifying cyber-bullying in real time. Similar to spellcheck, “Reword” intuitively strikes through insulting words with a simple red line — interrupting impulsive behavior and prompting users to reconsider their words.

The tool detects hundreds of thousands of insults such as swear words, cultural slang and even a string of words that could make up a hurtful phrase.

“Reword” became a way to decrease cyber-bullying, as it helped shaped the behavior and moral compasses of Australia’s youth. A study indicated that 80% of young people considered changing what they had written after being warned by the red line. The vision of “Reword” is for the code to eventually be built into every social media platform and mobile device.

Bonds “100,” GPC Rating: 7.2

Bonds, Australia’s most iconic underwear and clothing brand, has been worn by Aussies from all walks of life for the last 100 years. To celebrate the beloved brand’s centenary, the agency crafted “100,” a memorable spot that had the entire country up and moving.

Back by INXS’ upbeat track “What You Need,” the spot continues the iconic dance and movement theme that Bonds is known for. Five 20-year-olds, 20 5-year-olds, and even a 99-year-old man with a 1-year-old make up the dancing “100” year cast who represent the livelihood of Bonds.

The spot was featured on dozens of local and worldwide publications.

7-Eleven “Slurpee Sound Cup,” GPC Rating: 7.2

7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own (BYO) Cup Day is when everything and anything can be a Slurpee cup. This year included the seemingly impossible: sound.

Determined to inspire creativity for the upcoming BYO Cup Day, the agency helped create the first 3D-printed radio ad — also known as the “Slurpee Sound Cup.” Using digital modeling tools, the soundwaves of BYO Cup Day radio ads were used to create the shapes of the cups. The voice-overs determined the circumference of the cups’ rims, while the peaks and troughs of the sound effects created each cup’s unique height and body shape, before all soundwaves were meshed together.

From a Viking opera to a football stadium full of cheering fans, fans were able to taste and hear all about BYO Cup Day. Fans were able to access the 3D file to print their own cup, or win one on Slurpee’s Facebook page. The agency’s innovative creation left fans feeling inspired, and most importantly, thrilled for BYO Cup Day.

About the GPC Scale: Every quarter, the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee, comprising our top creative leaders from around the globe, gathers to evaluate the work from the global network. Over the course of a week, the GPC views, discusses and rates the work using our 10-point HumanKind Scale. Work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.