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Leo Burnett Chicago
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Chicago, IL 60601
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Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Samsung and Leo Burnett Worldwide Debut ‘The Anthem’ for Rio 2016

The marquee spot for the Olympic Games by Leo Burnett Chicago and Sydney strives to break down barriers and unite the world with one global anthem

Samsung, together with Leo Burnett Chicago and Leo Burnett Sydney, debuted the marquee film for its 2016 Olympics marketing campaign, “The Anthem.”

“The Anthem” opens with a young Australian girl singing a line from the Botswana national anthem into a Samsung Galaxy S7edge. It continues with individuals from around the globe singing lines from 14 other national anthems to seamlessly form a new international anthem.

“’The Anthem’ is a reflection of the Samsung brand and our continuous pursuit to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through technology and borderless communication,” said Younghee Lee, executive vice president of global marketing, Mobile Communications Business, at Samsung Electronics. “By singing one anthem, fans and athletes across the globe can feel a shared sense of pride and unity, and together, celebrate collective progress, which is integral to the spirit of the Olympic Games.”

This film is a continuation of Samsung’s philosophy to celebrate stories of defying barriers, previously seen in “The Chant,” also by Leo Burnett Chicago.

For more information, read the full press release. And courtesy of Adweek, here are the full lyrics to the anthem:

Through our unity and harmony, we'll remain at peace as one.
For we are young and free, with glowing hearts we see thee rise.
The day of glory has arrived, oh say can you see, a vivid ray of love and hope descends to Earth.
The people living united and progressive, join together all of our hearts as one.
Happy and glorious, listen to us gently with the infinite love.
Unity and justice and freedom, stand unchanged by wind and frost.
Offer peace to friends, and united we shall stand.