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Leo Burnett Detroit
3310 West Big Beaver Rd., Suite 107
Detroit, (Troy), Michigan 48084
United States

+248 458 8300

Monica Lambert

HR Recruiting Manager

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Samsung Defies the Word ‘Can’t’ in ‘Human Nature’

New film by Leo Burnett Worldwide is the brand’s latest iteration of the #DoWhatYouCant philosophy.

The world may teach us can't, but we are all born to do what can't be done.

Samsung’s “Human Nature,” by Leo Burnett Worldwide, is the brand’s latest iteration of its #DoWhatYouCant philosophy. The story begins with a crawling baby who is encouraged by her parent to stand and take her first steps in the world. It then proceeds chronologically through time as children learn what they “can’t” do in life and the limitations they are confined to; these restrictions are further reinforced in adulthood.

The film reaches a grinding halt when a woman temporarily surrenders to her handicap, but then digs deep to defy barriers and achieve what seemingly cannot be done. Playing out against The Killers’ lyrically appropriate “All These Things That I’ve Done,” the vignettes of “can” and “cant’s” build to a powerful resolve.

“Human Nature” shows that “can” is innate while “can’t” is taught. Samsung takes a stand for those among us who refuse to accept the limitations that society forces upon us, encouraging those who dare defy the “can’t” and achieve the impossible.

The latest film debuted in the United States during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and has rolled out through broadcast, social and digital channels across global markets.