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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Amy Cheronis

EVP Reputation and Communications

Katie Newman

Chief Marketing Officer

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UHC “Our Song”

INSIGHT. At one point or another, you’re likely to end up in the complicated American healthcare system. The agency discovered that there are more than 141,000 healthcare codes and realized nobody knows how to navigate the big, complex system like UnitedHealthcare does. UnitedHealthcare wanted to become the insurance company that can help patients find their way through the system and get people to adopt healthier behaviors.

Fifteen of 15 - Our Song - 1

IDEA. Leo Burnett Chicago demonstrated the insurer’s unique ability to make navigating the system a bit easier in its “Ways In” campaign. The advertising — in TV, print, out-of-home, promotion, digital and social — brings to life comical situations of people getting into the system. In the TV spot “Our Song,” a couple’s listening to the familiar tune of Dirty Dancing’s “Time of My Life” leads to a virtual chat with a doctor.

Fifteen of 15 - Our Song - 2

IMPACT. UnitedHealthcare’s “Ways In” campaign was a breakthrough idea for the healthcare category and it helped move the needle on the company’s business goals. The campaign’s spots, specifically “Our Song,” utilized rich, rewatchable and entertaining stories that were right on-brand. “Our Song” received more than 25 million views on YouTube and the commercial peaked at a perfect 9.9 effectiveness score on a scale of .1 to 9.9 against an industry average of 4. It was also listed as the number one most engaging ad on TV among consumers for more than three weeks and was featured as Adweek’s Ad of the Day.