Celebrating Leo Burnett’s 2022 Intern Class

In honor of National Intern Day, we introduce this year’s stellar group of talent supporting the dynamic work at Leo Burnett.

“You have come to a place which doesn’t tolerate anything but the best. You have come to a place where you can be heard. You have come to a place where you can grow.” When Leo Burnett shared these words, he initiated the foundation for a workplace culture fueled by individual growth. As a staple at the legacy agency, the Leo Burnett internship program has set the standard and is distinguished by Business Insider as one of the top 20 programs in the country. This year, Leo Burnett is proud to welcome 22 new interns across various disciplines, including Business Leadership, Creative, Strategy, Data/Analytics, Technology, Project Management, and Production.

The internship program is designed to give bright, curious talent the most realistic internship experience available in the advertising industry — working alongside junior talent to deliver on the impactful ideas that the agency is known for around the world.

The paid 10-week program runs from June to August and is available to incoming college seniors and recent graduates. As a breath of wisdom for this year’s intern class, Chief Strategy Officer Aki Spicer shares, “People and culture changes, business and brand problems evolve. And whatever you think you know will continually need to evolve. So stay curious about the needs of people, and the ways of culture, and be open to different methods and approaches to stay ahead of what’s next.”

We are proud to introduce this year’s’ intern class of up-and-coming Burnetters:

*From left to right, top to bottom.

Bela Gadsby, Strategy Intern
Bela is a rising junior at Syracuse University, studying innovation, society and technology. This summer, she has been working for the ALDI account and has had the opportunity to work alongside her team in fueling strategy. She is also working on the Wingstop account on an intern team project!

Chye Davis, Business Leadership Intern 
Chye recently graduated from Molloy College with a bachelor’s in communications. This summer, Chye has been working with the Beneful team and is learning a lot about the stages of production.

Eli Reece, Copywriting Intern 
Eli is a second-year copywriting student at VCU Brandcenter. During his internship at Leo Burnett, he has had the opportunity to work on Wingstop and Firestone.

Ellen Riegelsherger, Business Leadership Intern
Ellen is going into her senior year at Kent State University with a major in managerial marketing.  This summer, she moved to Chicago to immerse herself in Leo Burnett’s internship experience. She works on the Serta and Visionworks accounts and is excited to see where this opportunity takes her!

Emmanuel Imarenezor, Business Leadership Intern
Emmanuel currently attends the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign where he studies advertising. This summer he has been working on Leo’s Nintendo account.

Isabella Lorrusso, Copywriting Intern
Isabella graduated this spring from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s in mass communications. She’s currently working on the Kellogg’s account and has supported brand work on Eggo, Frosted Flakes, and Club Crackers. Her favorite part of this internship has been getting to know the supportive people at Leo who has helped her flourish.

Kendall Boron, Art Director Intern 
Kendall is currently studying Art Direction at VCU Brandcenter. She has primarily been working with the Wingstop and Firestone accounts.

Kristina Gurgone, Business Leadership Intern 
Kristina is an incoming senior at the University of Michigan majoring in communications and minoring in business. She works with the Kellogg’s account and concentrates on the Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops brands.

Landon Whiteside, Business Leadership Intern 
Landon has been working with the Altria Team to support different brands that include Helix innovations and JMC. He’s excited about the opportunity to connectwith people across various teams at Leo Burnett and gain more in-depth insight into the advertising industry.

Lourdes Sanchez, Strategy Intern 
Lourdes recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a bachelor’s in advertising. This summer, she’s been working closely with the strategy team on Kellogg’s, where she helps on the brands Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops.

Maddie Arnold, Copywriting Intern
Maddie is a comedian turned copywriter and a recent grad of Chicago Portfolio School. This summer, she’s been working with the Altria On! team, as well as helping out the Kellogg’s team. She’s a big fan of Leo Burnett and all the history behind such an iconic agency. She’s a lover of big sky ideas and a fighter of anyone who puts the toilet paper roll on incorrectly. Over, not under. Duh

Margaret Davidson, Business Leadership Intern 
Margaret will be a senior this year at Bucknell University. She had an exciting start to her internship working on the Samsung account and is now transitioning to working on Kellogg’s. She’s also keeping busy working as a business leader on the Summer Intern Project!

Megan LaRocque, Art Director Intern 
Megan is a current senior at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. She’s excited to be collaborating with the On! Team as an intern.

Meghan Pisters, Art Director Intern 

In a vibrant land of tacos, paddle boards, and free spirits, Meghan completed the portfolio program, Texas Creative, at the University of Texas at Austin while also earning a master’s in advertising. After graduating, she traded the Texas heat for a summer in Chicago! She loves working on Eggo’s billboards and Frosted Flakes Snapchat lenses for the Kellogg’s account.

Miguel Lee, Business Leadership Intern 

Miguel is junior at CSU majoring in media studies. Video production is something that piques his interest, and in the future he sees himself working behind or in front of the camera.

Omar Strong, Production Intern 

Omar is an incoming senior at Chicago State University and so far has enjoyed gaining knowledge on the production aspects of commercial ads.

Oskar Lusti, Strategy Intern 

Oskar graduated from Lewis University this spring and is having a lot of fun working with Altria, ProFranc, and Wingstop this summer.

Sofia Avgerinopoulos, Design Intern 

Sofia is a recent graduate from Seton Hall and loves seeing her design work come to life at Leo. She’s really excited to be able to learn from and work with other designers on some fun internal projects for the agency!

Tony Williams, Design Intern 

Tony recently graduated from Illinois State University and has been working on Jim Beam and Leo Burnett’s 87th Anniversary material. He is also excited about his most recent account, Wingstop.

Victoria Huynh, Celebrity Services Intern 

Victoria currently studies at the University of Illinois – Chicago, where she majors in Marketing. with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Promotions. She aims to someday become a Marketing Director who can bring culture, diversity, and inclusion to the workplace.

Malik Whittier, Production Intern

Malik is a rising senior at Loyola University Chicago, majoring ins AD/PR and minoring in marketing. This summer, he’s had the chance to work on the Wingstopm Basil Hayden, and Campbell’s accounts.

Jeresa Anderson, Project Management Intern

Jeresa is a recent graduate of Howard University where she received her BA in Journalism. She currently resides in D.C. So far, she has loved working with Altria On!.