6-7pm is “6ourbon 7ime”

A new campaign from Beam Suntory urges workers to reclaim 6-7pm as an hour to relax and unplug

Is time saved by commuting to in-home offices really time savored?

Most Americans are actually working 35% longer—not taking the necessary breaks or stepping away from their computers. Beam Suntory is ready to change that.

Their new campaign “6ourbon7ime” urges at-home workers to honor the spirit of clocking out by logging off. And invites everyone to visit 6ourbon7ime.com to block their calendar before work books them.

Beam Suntory released a minute-long video, expressing the need for boundaries between work and home, shared widely on social media.

“6ourbon7ime is a purposeful initiative to ignite a conversation around this issue and inspire people to pause and reclaim some personal time,” said Adriano Matos, EVP and Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Chicago. “Through social and digital channels, all Beam Suntory brands are joining forces to encourage people to rethink their behavior in these incredibly challenging days we are living in.”

It’s time to reclaim 6-7pm as “The Happiest Hour,” and that starts by unwinding with your favorite bourbon.

Creds List:
Liz Taylor – Global Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Worldwide
Adriano Matos – EVP, Executive Creative Director
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Ben Pfutzenreuter – Creative Director, Copy
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