ALDI Pokes Fun at Holiday Grocery Shopping with Latest Work from “It’s an ALDI Thing” Campaign

New holiday work for ALDI challenges normal grocery store conventions, reinforcing the promise that ALDI does things differently – even during the holidays.

ALDI and Leo Burnett launch new holiday work within the “It’s an ALDI Thing” campaign – “Swindle Season” calls attention to everyday grocery shopping pain points that become heightened during this time of year.

With food top of mind for holidays, a trip to the grocery store is inevitable, and is often complete with a bit of chaos, crowds, hassle and haggling. You can already picture the scenes at your local grocery store: the chaos, the crowds, and the hurry-up-to-wait energy that only the holiday season can deliver. However, ALDI believes this does not have to be the status quo.

In a series of cinematic spots, ALDI and Leo Burnett have woven holiday storybook rhymes into a backdrop of complete grocery store chaos, creating a hilarious yet hyperbolic portrayal of common holiday grocery shopping angst.

“The holidays are filled with sweet, saccharine commercials featuring perfect kids, smiling grandmas and talking reindeer,” said Rick Hamann, EVP, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett. “We thought, what if we zigged against the faux happiness of the season and showed the insanity?”

These spots are the latest from the “It’s an ALDI Thing” campaign platform that launched late last year and reinforces the notion that ALDI does things differently.

For decades, ALDI has prided itself as a grocery store that does things a little differently. By challenging usual grocery store conventions, ALDI is spotlighting the intentional differences from leading competitors and aims to engage brand fans and occasional ALDI shoppers to see these differences as not just features but as benefits, growing brand preference for ALDI above all others.

“Our stores have only what shoppers need and nothing they don’t, which is especially helpful during holiday shopping season,” said Greg Strom, Group Director of Customer Interaction at ALDI US. “Our simple approach to retail takes the guesswork out of shopping and saves our customers time and money. That means they can get in, get out and get on with the things that matter most to them.”

Swindle Season will run through the holidays across TV, radio, OLV and YouTube.