ALDI Tackles the Meat Aisle as It Continues to Expose Grocery Shopping Frustrations

The leading low-price grocer releases a series of satirical spots showing shoppers that getting good prices on quality meat doesn’t have to be a pain. Building on the “It’s an ALDI thing.” campaign led by Leo Burnett, the new work reminds shoppers that high-quality meat at low prices is no game at ALDI.

In a continuation of the “It’s an ALDI thing.” campaign, ALDI and Leo Burnett launch a series of new satirical spots that highlight the frustrations people experience when grocery shopping. This time they’re drawing attention to the grocer offering quality meat at everyday low prices without the hassle.

Long-running campaign “It’s an ALDI thing.” targets frustrations people have with other grocery stores. The new ads poke fun at common sale practices other stores employ, reminding shoppers that low prices—especially on fresh, quality meat (even USDA Choice and grass-fed) —is no game at ALDI.

At a time when consumers are paying more and more for groceries with every trip, ALDI continues to ease customer angst, reinforcing the promise that everything ALDI doesn’t do—such as complicate things with apps, loyalty clubs and fluctuating sales—is for the consumer. It’s an ALDI thing.