Amid chicken wing shortage, Wingstop launches “Thighstop”

The food chain created a virtual kitchen focusing on a different part of the bird.

Amid a chicken wing shortage, Wingstop turned lemons to lemonade – or, in this case, chicken wings to chicken thighs.

“Thighstop” encourages guests to try one of the juiciest and most flavorful parts of the chicken. Through this online-only temporary restaurant, chicken lovers can still enjoy the 11 bold, distinctive flavors that catapulted Wingstop to flavor fame.

To get wing advocates excited about thighs, Wingstop recruited rapper Rick Ross – who in a new spot enjoys a plate of juicy, flavored chicken thighs outside of a lavish mansion.

With an innovative brand pivot, Wingstop is bringing the flavors you love in a whole new vehicle. See for yourself and visit thighstop.com – “where flavor gets its thighs.”