Andrew Swinand on How Bravery in Advertising Can Shift the Public Narrative

Leo Burnett Chicago’s CEO penned an article in Newsweek about creative bravery, including the award-winning campaign, “The Lost Class.”

Andrew Swinand, Chief Executive Officer of Leo Burnett Chicago and Publicis Creative and Production U.S., recently wrote for Newsweek on the creative bravery required to influence societal change and shift the public narrative.  

Andrew elaborated on his belief that leaders in the advertising industry have a responsibility to represent the world they want to live in, rather than stand on the sidelines. He explained how “The Lost Class” campaign for Change the Ref gained exposure with Congress and lobbied for change in the wake of continued gun violence nationwide.  

He offered a few more examples of creative bravery, such as the Mexican beer brand Tecate’s ad that slams the door shut on domestic violence and Gillette’s overturn of their ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ slogan to support the #MeToo movement.  

“At its best and bravest, advertising can offer a vision of how people can forge a more just and humane world and affect modes of human experience and interaction for the better,” according to Andrew. 

Read the full article via Newsweek here.