Andrew Swinand Shares Mindful Approach to Executive Leadership

Leo Burnett CEO pens thoughtful feature for Mindful.org on harnessing the power of mindfulness to recharge the workplace.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Chief Executive Officer of Leo Burnett Group, Andrew Swinand, champions leaders to understand the importance of maintaining positive emotional energy — setting the tone for workplace culture, team motivation, and innovation.

During pivotal career moments, Andrew learned the cost of stress and the need for radical self-care in leadership; cultivated by mindfulness, meditation, and movement to recharge.

Andrew says that it is essential for leaders to model mindfulness practices for employees and invites them to also become more self-aware in how they show up for their colleagues.

“Radical self-care is ultimately a selfless practice that ensures we are ready and recharged before giving our full attention to the people who depend on us for motivation, vision, and inspiration.”

Read the full article via Mindful Magazine here.