Leo Q & A

Ashley Geisheker on Using AI, Unreal Engine and Dynamite for Epic Productions

Ashley Geisheker, Leo Burnett’s EVP Head of Production, sits down with Little Black Book to discuss the innovative production technologies transforming how agencies produce culturally significant and award-winning work.

Ashley Geisheker, Leo Burnett’s EVP Head of Production, is an Emmy-nominated producer who has worked with several creative powerhouse agencies and brands to develop inventive and creative campaigns using groundbreaking technologies to redefine the creative production process.

In recent Q&A with Little Black Book, Ashley discusses how new technologies are pushing the limits of creativity and possibility for the creative production process.

“AI is top of mind. The breadth of possibilities is as nerve-wrecking as it is invigorating. We’re able to leverage AI from the early stages of concept development, completely transforming the production process and modernizing how creative agencies can immediately engage in culturally significant moments in real-time, while streamlining the post-production process in a way that was once not possible,” Ashley says when asked about what technologies are impacting creative production in the most fundamental ways.

While the creative industry is still in its early stages of technology implementation, Ashley believes that having a firm understanding of new technologies gives creatives the power to quickly evolve and build new production systems that are more cohesive, cost efficient and streamlined than ever before.