Bear Naked Partners with Outside’s Gaia GPS to Map America’s First (un)Official Nude-Friendly Trail System

Bear Naked and Leo Burnett collaborate to help naked hikers navigate nature au naturale.

Bear Naked and Leo Burnett are blazing new trails by helping hikers and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their snacks and the great outdoors the way nature intended—naked.

Unfortunately, while there’s no federal law prohibiting nude hiking, laws vary from place to place and can be confusing. This, coupled with cultural biases against nudity, makes naked hiking extremely challenging to navigate, leaving the naked hiking community lost in the woods. That’s why on National Nude Day, Bear Naked Granola  launched Naked Trails – a campaign designed to help naked hikers navigate nature au naturale.

This collaborative effort aims to give this niche community a resource to explore and enjoy nature while adhering to local laws. By considering factors such as crowds, rangers, shade, poison oak, and bugs, hikers participating in the #HikeBearNaked challenge will make up America’s first (un)official nude-friendly trail system.

This revolutionary system will allow nude hikers to review and mark trails for nude-friendliness using a covert emoji code system. Nude-friendly trails will be designated with the 🐻 🍑 ✅ emoji, while non-nude-friendly trails will have the 🐻 🍑 ❌ emoji.

In addition to the trail system, the campaign includes the launch of a new product innovation, the Bear Naked Belt, to come to the aid of naked hikers, allowing easy snacking to keep hunger at bay while doubling as a loincloth to provide hikers with cover-up as needed.

This unconventional campaign is galvanizing this niche community of hikers to get “Bear Naked” (in more ways than one) this Summer.

Visit www.BearNakedTrails.com to watch the film and learn more about the project.