Campbell’s is on a Mission to Increase American Lunchbreaks with New Iteration of ‘Lunchtime is Your Halftime’

Leo Burnett developed the “Lunchtime is Your Halftime” campaign alongside Publicis agencies in a “Power of One” offering to ensure all Americans prioritize taking a much-needed lunch break during the NFL season.

Studies show that lunchtime could be considered the most important meal of the day as it has significant impact on one’s ability to focus and deliver quality work. Despite these known truths, it is not uncommon for the average American worker to skip out on lunch. The proclaimed gametime meal since 1997 and Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL, Campbell’s Chunky Soup is on a mission to address that and ensure all Americans take a much-needed lunch break.  

Just in time for this year’s much-anticipated NFL kickoff, Leo Burnett, Spark Foundry and MSL partnered to develop a new iteration of “Lunchtime is your Halftime” campaign featuring dynamic content (triggered by digital behaviors), social media, network streaming, and digital and linear TV to air during the games. LA Rams coach Sean McVay has reprised his role as the campaign spokesperson, and the brand has added Indianapolis Colt’s running back, Jonathan Taylor to their ‘Champions of Chunky’ roster. 

The evolved campaign launched with a 15-second spot featuring Jonathan Taylor proclaiming that this is the year we take a lunch and a hearty one at that.  

As Campbell’s continues to connect with the millennial male audience, Leo Burnett has expanded the ‘Lunchtime is your Halftime’ messaging, reinforcing the brand’s position as the preferred choice for fueling up during the lunchtime occasion. 

In addition to the campaign, this season Chunky will launch ‘Chunky Sacks Hunger’ – a program to fight food insecurity and donate one million meals to people in need this through a partnership with Feeding America. Chunky Sacks Hunger strives to “sack” food insecurity by shining a spotlight on the issue and provide food and other much needed donations to fuel local communities across the country. The program will host local events that drive food bank donations and support national disaster relief initiatives. 

In today’s world, people are finding it harder than ever to get and take a proper lunchbreak. As consumers continue to take on more roles and responsibilities in their lives, they have more on their plate and need foods, like Campbell’s Chunky Soup, that work as hard as they do.  


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