Career Lab Spotlight: SeVohn Hunter

In 2021, SeVohn attended more Career Lab modules than any other Burnetter. She's a true Creative Maker passionate about growing her toolbox and continual learning.

Career Lab spotlight: SeVohn Hunter – Assistant Account Executive

Career Lab is a valuable internal resource, supporting learning and development for Creative Makers and providing employees with opportunities to enhance business skills and develop careers. No one is more familiar with that value than AAE SeVohn Hunter, who in 2021 completed more Career Lab workshops than any other Burnetter. We sat down with her to hear about her experience and the impact Career Lab workshops have had on her work.

What motivated you to participate in Career Lab workshops?

SeVohn – I recently graduated from college and now have my first fulltime job, and I miss dedicated time for formal learning. If the resources are there, why not use them? If you have the resources to expand your knowledge, then why not? Also, when I first started my job, there were so many things that they teach you, but also so many things that they don’t. Especially starting in a remote working environment, it can be hard to sometimes figure out what you don’t even know. This feeling led me to look into Career Lab workshops; to help find those things that you wouldn’t think that you would need to know, then realize when you see the topic offered it is actually something that would be really helpful to learn.

What experiences from these workshops stand out the most?

SeVohn – I like that Career Lab workshops are more active, where I can participate in different ways. Specifically, I took a DiSC workshop with my team, and it was a very collaborative experience. I liked working in groups where we explored each team member’s DiSC styles, and were able to learn from one another’s experiences. I like that the learning directly involves you, rather than just being talked at.

What impact have these learning experiences had in your day-to-day work or in your career more broadly?

SeVohn – This being my first job out of college, I found it scary at first to take time away from the work, to not be readily available to respond to emails or be fully accessible on Microsoft Teams. I had to learn that it was okay to take time for myself. I also have a manager who really supports me participating in Career Lab workshops, and will even take some with me. Learning together and talking about these experiences after the fact really makes the lessons stick, and has helped me ramp up my development in my role.

What advice do you have for Creative Makers on how to make the most of Career Lab workshops?

SeVohn – In this virtual/hybrid world, it can be hard to meet people from all corners of your agency, or throughout Publicis Groupe. These courses provide great opportunities to hear about other peoples’ experiences and perspectives who you might not otherwise have access to, and to have collaborative learning experiences with those from other teams or career levels. Be open to their perspectives, feedback, and advice.