Create Greater Than Launches “Words Matter” to Create More Cultural Competency Around Language

Words Matter is helping today’s cultural creators communicate with kindness and empathy – shifting language to be more inclusive and intentional.

Last year, when laws like ‘Don’t Say Gay’ gained traction, Create Greater Than, Leo Burnett’s employee-led advocacy group, started thinking about the impact our words have on the world and the workplace. There are times we don’t realize our words can cause harm. Action is part of the group’s mission, so they launched Words Matter, a platform centered around helping culture creators practice inclusive communications through intentional language.

“As our world & society evolves, so should we. That’s why Words Matter is so important,” said Rachel Schneider (she/her), Account Executive. “This platform is helping to continue the conversation and allow us to educate and evolve ourselves further.”

Create Greater Than launched Words Matter with a reflection film featuring quotes from an essay written by Noah Michelson, Editorial Director of Huffington Post Personal. The campaign film uses Noah’s essay and personal experience to show the power of what we say and don’t say. The campaign also includes an inclusive language glossary intended to educate advertising professionals of shifting languages and aid in the sharing of inclusive terminology of common words and phrases that could be harmful to others. 

“The language we use shapes the world around us and the way we relate to it,” said Cat Kesman (she/her/hers), Associate Creative Director. We have power with the words we choose to create safer, more inclusive spaces and heighten our collective awareness.”

To further support the campaign’s mission, Create Greater Than has partnered with Trans Lifeline, a nonprofit that serves the transgender community with care and resources, to drive donations in support of the critical mission that connects trans people to the community support and resources needed to survive and thrive. Beginning August 7, all sales of Create Greater Than t-shirts will benefit Trans Lifeline.

Since 2018, Create Greater Than has worked to cultivate an inclusive environment where people and creativity can thrive. The group is founded on the principle of creating a culture of greater than so that no one feels less than.

“Being able to be part of a group of folks that look to create positive impact at every turn is undeniably special,” said Melissa Healy (she/hers), SVP, Employee Belonging and Participation Lead. “We’re all committed to crafting spaces built on trust and mutual respect. Words Matter is a direct reflection of our collective commitment. This isn’t just a passion project; this is culture building and culture shifting and we’re doing it out loud.”

Watch the launch film featuring the story of Noah Michelson here.

Check out the Words Matter Glossary here.

Heard, Respected, Brave, Equal or Accepted t-shirts are available for purchase here.

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