Dunkin’ and Leo Burnett Unbox the Power of the Donut in New Holiday Campaign

Told from the POV of the donut, the heartwarming ad comes to life with the help of director Henry-Alex Rubin and soundtrack created by Beacon Street.

The holiday season is when fruitcakes, cookies, and pies reign supreme, claiming all the dessert glory. However, this holiday Dunkin’ is reminding us that a box of donuts has the power to joyfully transform the energy of every room it enters.

The heartwarming spot, titled “Unboxing,” was brought to life, with the help of director Henry-Alex Rubin (Smuggler) and is set to a custom-made track created by Beacon Street Studios, capturing the feeling you get from a donut with a timeless melody and lyrics that get straight to the point: “Everybody loves it, and everybody knows it. Everybody loves a donut.” Told from the POV of donuts themselves, the spot captures the moment when people of all walks of life first lay eyes on the sweet treat.

“If you want to bring a smile to the room, you don’t have to decorate holiday cookies or bake a fancy fruitcake. A box of donuts does the trick every time,” said Britt Nolan, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett. “With such a universal truth, our approach was to craft a campaign with broad appeal and the feel of a holiday classic.”

The campaign will also include donut-focused OOH visuals to bring the holiday donut box packaging to life in larger-than-life ways, custom media components across various platforms including Twitch and Pinterest, and behind the scenes TikTok content from the star of the day – a pink frosted sprinkled donut. “Unboxing” will run on all platforms through the end of the year.