Emily Doskow Named a Winner of the 2023 She Runs It Changing the Game Awards

Leo Burnett’s Chief Marketing Officer won in the Brainwave category, recognized for being a transformational marketing leader.

Leo Burnett’s Chief Marketing officer, Emily Doskow, has been honored with a Brainwave Award at the She Runs It 2023 Changing the Game Awards.

The Changing the Game Awards celebrates exceptional women in marketing, media, and tech who are true catalysts of innovation. These women fearlessly challenge norms, redefine strategies, and drive monumental transformations for their brands, organizations, and clients.

The Brainwave category recognizes individuals who have changed the way a brand or product is marketed. Under Emily’s leadership, the agency experienced one of its best performing years of the decade – 13 new clients, a 90%-win rate and recognition as the second most winning agency in the industry. Emily has deepened the agency’s relationships with major clients such as Beam Suntory, winning global creative work for legacy brands such as Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, totaling four AOR wins in the client’s portfolio in less than a year, and an additional six AOR wins for the agency.

Emily also uses her board commitments, such as her position as Chicago Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal committee chair, to change the game for emerging talent – enhancing programming to ensure industry knowledge and skills are passed down from industry veteran leaders to young talent and identifying opportunities to influence their career paths.