“Everyday Woman” takes charge of the controller in new Nintendo work

In their new campaign, Nintendo celebrates the everyday game play embraced by students, mothers, and celebrities alike.

Gaming stereotypes often depict a young, male gamer. In reality, women make up 49% of the gaming community, though many companies don’t treat them as the major players they are in the industry. Enter: Nintendo. To speak directly to modern women, a key gaming demographic, they introduced “Everyday Woman”, a campaign that depicts female gamers in their everyday game play—whether during a study break or late night after kids’ bedtime.

In building a campaign to highlight an authentic female perspective, Leo Burnett committed to diverse representation. From agency teams to production and direction, the campaign was created by an almost all-women and BIPOC team. The result was a slice of life campaign, showing an everyday gamer experience, whether connecting over a favorite game before bedtime or building a garden on Animal Crossing. By celebrating the lives of real women today, Nintendo aims to break category conventions and inspire more women to game.

To demonstrate gaming’s ubiquity, the team recruited a trio of powerhouse famous females: Awkwafina, Brie Larson, and Serena Williams. These genuine, aspirational, and multitalented women were chosen because they speak authentically to the challenges and joys of everyday life. Nintendo customers catch a glimpse of these celebrities in their quarantine routine, incorporating game play throughout their day, just like the “Everyday Woman.”

As seen in the study groups, training sessions, workout routines and video calls featured in the work, modern women can be drawn in myriad directions, with acute pressure to be productive and purpose driven. As these women set aside these pressures and pick up the controller, they’ve found an everyday moment for play, for relief, and for some light-hearted self-care.