Fiat Says ‘Ciao’ to Gray – Forever

Fiat teams with Leo Burnett Italia to launch “Operation No Gray” announcing the legacy car brand’s decision to stop producing Gray cars.

It’s not every day you see a company’s CEO dunked in a tub of orange paint.

But that’s just what Fiat, the iconic Italian auto manufacturer and the brand of colors, did to their CEO, Olivier Francois, to announce the company’s revolutionary move to stop producing gray cars, traditionally, manufacturers favorite and best-selling color.

Creatively led by Leo Burnett Italia, this campaign harnesses the energy of Fiat – a joyful and colorful brand that is 100% Italian. Filmed in the Italian village, Lerici, the creative stunt comes alive on video which features Oliver sitting behind the wheel of a gray Fiat 600 and lifted 15 meters high above a large tub of orange paint. The car is slowly lowered into the huge cannister of paint and the, once gray, car disappears.

Fiat is changing the rules and throwing out the advertising playbook with Operation No Gray,” as it says ‘ciao’ to gray cars and yes to color; reaffirming that Fiat is the brand of colors and symbolizing their commitment of keeping its products as joyful as the brand.

“Italy represents joy, optimism, love, passion and life, and what has gray got to do with that?” says Oliver in the film. “Nothing! The world doesn’t need another gray car.”