Fresh New Work from Leo Burnett and ALDI Reminds Shoppers That They Don’t Have to Compromise on Quality

In a series of new spots within the "It's an ALDI thing." campaign, ALDI shows consumers how they can strike a healthy balance between cost and quality by doing their grocery shopping at ALDI.

For 80% of grocery shoppers, buying healthy food is a key objective of their grocery trips, but more than half of those shoppers think buying healthy also means spending more. Reminding shoppers that they don’t have to compromise on quality, Leo Burnett and ALDI have put fresh and affordable at the forefront of their new “It’s an ALDI thing.” campaign work.

“Fresh, quality food at a reasonable price is such a rarity these days that you can excuse the characters in these spots for being more than a little confused,” says Rick Hamman, EVP, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett.

In the hero spot, titled “Heist,” ALDI underscores its attention to value through a shopper who experiences a moment of genuine caution and surprise upon checkout due to the low cost of their high-quality grocery haul. In a series of other cinematic spots, ALDI assures shoppers that competitive prices, fresh products, and an easy shopping experience sets the grocer apart and reiterates what everyone has been saying since before its launch in 2022 – It’s an ALDI thing.

The new work continues to build on the “It’s an ALDI thing.” campaign, highlighting the brand truth that makes the grocer unique: fresh and affordable doesn’t come with a compromise at ALDI.

“The ALDI difference means everything we do (and don’t do) is designed to offer a quicker, easier and more enjoyable shopping experience with great products at the lowest possible prices, every day,” said Greg Strom, Group Buying Director at ALDI. “Our customers know they can rely on ALDI for the fresh groceries and essentials they need at the prices they love.”

The new spots, “Heist,” Stakeout,” and “Prank’d,” will air across CTV, OLV, and TV beginning early 2024.