How Radical Self-Care Can Transform Company Culture

Andrew Swinand, CEO of Leo Burnett and Publicis Groupe Creative and Production U.S. shares his thoughtful approach to modeling radical self-care to transform company culture and enhance creative productivity and employee well-being.

Transforming agency culture to prioritize employee well-being and mental health creates a space where creativity can flourish, building a happier, more productive, and more empathetic workforce.

Practicing radical self-care requires executives to reimagine their leadership style from taking charge in the trenches to nurturing people’s well-being—including their own.

“Radical self-care is attending to your needs first. In thriving organizations, it must start at the top level and trickle down,” says Andrew. “Leaders who take time to ‘sharpen the saw’ by recalibrating renew their energy so they can show up with inspiration and empathy.”

By putting your needs first, leaders are more emotionally available to their teams, enabling them to create a flourishing creative space that fosters genuine human connection and opportunities for mentorship in the workplace.

Andrew’s advice for today’s leadership: take space and time for self-care, practice mindfulness, and remember to play in any of its myriad forms. Treat the need for play with the same seriousness you give work. Doing so illustrates what self-care should look like to your staff and brings us back to the moment’s limitless creative potential.

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