Introducing Leo Burnett’s 2021 intern class

Meet the bright young talent who are supporting Leo Burnett this summer.

The Leo Burnett Group internship program, recognized by Business Insider as one of the top 20 programs in the country, is designed to give bright, curious individuals the most realistic internship experience available in the advertising industry.

All interns are embraced as contributing employees of Leo Burnett Group and are expected to do their part to deliver on the big campaignable ideas that the agency is known for worldwide.

We are proud to introduce our Summer 2021 intern class, our newest Burnetters:

**Grace Tessitore, Business Leadership**

Grace Tessitore, Business Leadership

**SeVohn Hunter, Business Leadership**

SeVohn Hunter, Business Leadership

**Mikaela Ashley, Business Leadership**

Mikaela Ashley, Business Leadership

**Ni’A Landon, Business Leadership**

Ni’A Landon, Business Leadership

**Ryan Smith, Business Leadership**

Ryan Smith, Business Leadership

**Livi Murray, Business Leadership**

Livi Murray, Business Leadership

**Jason Perez, Business Leadership**

Jason Perez, Business Leadership

**Rachel Schneidier, Business Leadership**

Rachel Schneidier, Business Leadership

**Erika Hernandez, Business Leadership**

Erika Hernandez, Business Leadership

**Thomas McGurk, Business Leadership**

Thomas McGurk, Business Leadership

**Eli Lustig, UX/UI**

Eli Lustig, UX/UI

**Liliane Tran, Creative**

Liliane Tran, Creative

**Blake Pleasant, Creative**

Blake Pleasant, Creative

**Xavier Juarez, Creative**

Xavier Juarez, Creative

**Kailee Needham Taija, Creative**

Kailee Needham Taija, Creative

**Sean McSherry, Creative**

Sean McSherry, Creative

**Emily Brecht, Creative**

Emily Brecht, Creative

**Morgan Choitz, Creative**

Morgan Choitz, Creative

**Meg Crouch, Recruiting**

Meg Crouch, Recruiting

**Javier Solis, Strategy**

Javier Solis, Strategy

**Eloise Owen, Strategy**

Eloise Owen, Strategy

**Shamia Charles, Strategy**

Shamia Charles, Strategy

**Jameelah Hargrove, Production**

Jameelah Hargrove, Production

**Rebekah Baker, Production**

Rebekah Baker, Production

**Harry Bahrenburg, Production**

Harry Bahrenburg, Production

**Sophie Jones, Production**

Sophie Jones, Production

**Archie Shaw, Production**

Archie Shaw, Production

**Latrell Crawford, Project Management**

Latrell Crawford, Project Management

Each of these interns are paired with supervisors to help them learn along the way. Here is what the 2021 intern mentors have to say about this talented class:

“My interns listen and ask questions when they aren’t sure what’s being asked of them. Also, they are always thinking about our business and bringing proactive ideas forward.” – Kevin Brown, Creative Resource Director

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with our intern, Jason. He brings a fresh perspective that our team and clients appreciate. Jason has brought real value by providing insights and perspective on the growing Hispanic audience. Jason did all the research, delivered and presented a review of competitor Hispanic work to clients – something they’ve not done before – that was really well received.” – Dan Gilroy, Account Director

“They are very polished and have such a well-rounded skill set when it comes to technology – we have a group that between them can shoot stills, motion, edit and animate. That’s impressive!” – Laurie Gustafson, Senior Producer

“They are so bright, eager and ambitious. It is astounding how much they know already from their schooling. They seem to just be in the know about everything from local bands to world news. It seems they really pride themselves on being engaged and up to speed on trending topics.” – Elise Garber, Senior Producer

“They are quick on the uptake and resourceful. They ask provocative, reflective questions about the industry and life that I see as a refreshing reminder of why most of us have a passion for this industry.” – Ed Nowicki, Account Executive

“Our interns have fine art and film experience; they’ve shown me how artistically-minded advertising should be!” – Len Sheth, Senior Copywriter

“Our intern team is fearless. It’s insanely refreshing to welcome a whole new perspective on bringing ideas to the world, especially with all the new channels we are using to reach people. One of their very first assignments was essentially a 24-hour turnaround, and they wowed the whole internal team with insightful, well thought out, fun work. It was the glimpse of amazing things to come.” – Silvi Grunditz, Creative Resource Director

“They’re eager to learn and be exposed to new challenges. They’re also not eager to focus on one department, rather explore options and try different things. My intern just told me he wants to try copywriting and more ways he can do creative writing. Lastly, they’re super connected to culture and what’s going on in the world, which is great for helping with inspiration for creatives.” – Ana Matta, VP Strategy Director

Happy National Intern Day to all. We are grateful for your support and know you will go on to do great things!